Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Local Take on a National Issue

Apparently last night was "trash your local community organizer" night in St. Paul.

Please click here to read the West Bronx Blog's Gregory Lobo Jost's extremely insightful commentary on last night's Republican National Convention antics.

I know, I know... you probably visit BoogieDowner to get away from all this babygate vs. baby momma nonsense. But I think everyone agrees that the current state of national politics and the messages spread by each party have major local implications as well.

On a much more inspiring note, just prior to sitting down to watch the RNC trainwreck last night I attended a meeting of the Mosholu Bedford Community Association. Led by president Barbara Stronczer, this community organization was established over 30 years ago and continues to work with community leaders and politicians to improve the quality of life in the Bedford Park/Norwood areas of the Bronx. I was extremely impressed with the organization's many accomplishments and goals for improvements in the community moving forward.

So you can imagine my distaste when hearing all the snarky comments about community organizers last night. Ignorance, pure ignorance. Not that we're surprised...

Kudos on your commentary Greg!

*Photo courtesy of Tod Heisler/New York Times (although clearly the "hater" text was added by BoogieDowner)*


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