Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not Your Momma's Museum

When's the last time you walked into a museum and heard the roar of bass-thumping music and saw a bunch of hip-hop types writhing on the floor? This is why we love the Bronx Museum of the Arts...

According to Daily News' Tanyanika Samuels, 300 people packed into BMA last weekend for the first "B-Girl City in NYC" breakdancing competition, another event helping to kick-off the "Street Art Street Life" exhibit. The dancers were competing for cash prizes of up to $500.

The B-Girl competition organizers knew immediately when they decided to host a competition in NYC that it would be in no place other than the BoogieDown, the birthplace of hip-hop. That's right Brooklyn, the B-Girls wanted nothing to do with you. So have fun listening to your Cat Power and your Arcade Fire and swigging your PBR in the McCarren Park Pool... we're too busy breakdancing up here in the Bronx to even be jealous of the crush that NYC media has on you.

*Photo courtesy of Bates for Daily News*



Anonymous said...

I was extremely pleased to hear of this site via News 12, the Bronx.

Lots of luck and a big "shout out from Co-op"!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Moved to the Bronx last year (from Brooklyn) with my husband and daughter, and was not aware of so much that this borough has to offer - until the BoogieDowner came along. I plan to share this with the Riverdale families network. Thanks!