Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NY Magazine Really Doesn't Have a Sarcometer

Ok, so the BoogieDowner is pretty psyched to get into NY Magazine's Daily Intel blog. Even though we acknowledge that NY Magazine is blind to the wonders of the BoogieDown and have called them out in the past, press is press and we're not complaining, BUT...

The post on the Daily Intel commented on the BoogieDowner's coverage of the breakdancing competition at the Bronx Museum of the Arts. I guess the poster took umbrage at the usual BoogieDowner snarkiness when it comes to Brooklyn.
To cut a long story short, it seems that Mr. Murphy couldn't see through the Olsen-twin-thin veil of sarcasm of the post. Of course we're jealous of the media coverage that Brooklyn gets. That's sort of the whole point of BoogieDowner: to get people to realize the hotness and ensure that the Bronx is covered (at all) and in a positive like. Bronxites are tired of being the unloved borough.

To be clear, we are not envious of Brooklyn as a borough, just a tad (okay a lot) jealous of the misplaced attention and coverage that the BK garners from the media. It's kinda like Brooklyn is like Kim Kardasian calling the paparazzi before she poops so they can cover it, and they come running to comment on the color and consistency.

So there you go. It's off our chest. Now, remind me again what's the 4th step of this program?


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