Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brooklyn Gentrification Stinks (Literally)

Okay, I know we promised we'd stop picking on Brooklyn... But this one is too disturbing.

According to this Daily News article by Erin Einhorn, greedy Brooklyn landlords are so intent on pushing up rents that one group of owners allegedly left a bag of dead cats in their Bushwick building to try to get long-time rent-stabilized tenants to move out.

I guess the landlords saw Yofiore was charging $11 for frozen yogurt over in Brooklyn Heights and they wanted to get their piece of the Brooklyn gentrification pie.

Poor Brooklynites... tasers, machetes, and now rotting cat carcasses. But at least the media still loves them. New York Mag's 40th Anniversary Issue is smattered with praise for the hipster paradise. Not surprisingly, there's no real mention of the BoogieDown... One would think maybe they'd at least include a piece in their events calendar about the SBX Film Festival this weekend. They do, however, have a listing for Bronx Museum of the Arts "Street Art, Street Life" exhibit. Baby steps people, baby steps.

*Photo of sad kitty courtesy of sunstormproductions.net*


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