Friday, September 12, 2008

Right Under My Nose...

BoogieDowner has posted about the Farmers Market at the New York Botanical Garden, as well as the South Bronx Food Co-Op, but who knew we had our very own food co-op within a five-minute walk? Norwood Food Co-op, a Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) program sponsored by Just Food, is currently in their fifth season of operation. Members are treated to a weekly harvest from the Norwich Meadows Farm, which is certified by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York.

The cost for purchasing shares is $285 for one share and $570 for two shares. This may sound expensive all totalled up like that, but have you ever noticed how much you pay for sub par, nearly rotting produce in your local C-Town, Foodtown, Pioneer, Stop & Shop, or bodega? By joining Norwood Food Co-op, not only will you get freshly picked produce, you'll save on average about 15-20% compared to what you'd pay for a similar product at a green market. You must also commit to volunteering a few hours each year at the Co-op to complete your membership.

Members usually pick up their produce in front of 3150 Rochambeau Ave, just across Bainbridge and around the corner from Epiphany Lutheran Church. In addition to seasonal vegetables, you can also buy Special Item Shares to get granola, fruit, eggs, honey, yogurt, milk, and cheese.

Registration deadline for the 2008-2009 winter season is looming October 9th. Click here to become a member.

Just for kicks, here's a link to a recent New York article describing the modern day farmer as a "cult hero." Keep in mind that this article discusses the sort of insane, croc-wearing Brooklynites who live and die by the weekly deliveries to the Park Slope Food Coop. I'm sure the Norwood Food Co-op is much cooler (like everything else in the BoogieDown).


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Anonymous said...

I've been a member the last two years. The Co-op is great and the produce is much better than what we can get at the corner bodega. We got over FOUR POUNDS of tomatoes last night! And I have a new appreciation for beets.

Between our food co-op and the Garden Gourmet on Broadway, we do better than the folks who live above a Whole Foods!