Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Listing of the Day: 149th and Grand Concourse

631 Walton Ave, 5 Bedroom, 3 Bath - $450,000

The listing calls this Mott Haven, but it's a little far north to be Matt Haven proper. Nonetheless, it is right off of 149th and the Concourse, which is a pretty decent location. The the new Gateway Center shopping complex will be in your back yard, and we're pretty sure the whole Yankee Stadium development orgy will find its way down to this hood.

On top of the nabe being on the cusp of being revitalized, this house itself is a real gem. For starters, the sheer size is enough to give a listing scavenger like myself pause. FIVE bedrooms and THREE bathrooms. Four stories, a roof deck, and fireplace (unclear if it functions, but it sure does look pretty). The listing speaks about a cellar too, although I'm not sure if it is finished. Even if it is not, the storage would be pretty sweet.

Like most Bronx hoods, transportation is efficient and close: the 4 train stops at 149th and the Grand Concourse.

This thing must be a price cut, because full houses in reasonable shape in this hood just don't (or didn't) list for this paltry price. So, once you sort out your portfolio of mortgage backed securities and certified debt swaps, make a smart investment and buy low in the Bronx.


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