Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rebel Yell

Holy good Lord, Bronx politics is crazy. A rally (which was originally supposed to be a vote) in Co-op City was held to rid the Bronx Democratic Party (is there any other party in the Bronx?) of its leader, Jose Rivera.

The "No Way Jose" brigade was out in full force. These party members might as well have had torches and pitchforks. And to think this all started over his non-support of a judicial candidate. Although, BoogieDowner is pretty sure that this had to have been brewing for years.

Our friends at Bronx News hooked us (and the Bronx) up with a really good article about this whole mess. No Way Jose: Rebels Try to Oust City Boss [Bronx News, Dan Gesslein]

And as always, Kappy at the Daily News is on top of Bronx news. Here's his article about Jose delaying the inevitable by putting a stop to the vote that was supposed to take place.
Jose Rivera scores TKO in rebels' fight for his job [NY Daily News, Bob Kappstatter]

I know this has nothing to do with Bronx politics, but BoogieDowner couldn't resist showing a picture of old Kappy. What a silver fox, right? Smooth, Bobbo, real smooth...

*Photo of ebullient political rebels courtesy of www.BXnews.net. Photo of the silver fox courtesy of www.nydn.com*


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