Friday, September 5, 2008

Espada's Thumb Littering the Streets of the Bronx

It seems as if Pedro Espada Jr., who's running on the wounded Bronx Democratic ticket for State Senate, isn't big on quality of life issues.

During my 10- minute walk from 201st Street to the 4 train at Jerome Avenue, I had the pleasure of seeing not one, not two, but TEN goofy "Vote for Espada" posters. For your viewing pleasure, I snapped a pic of each and every one so you can enjoy the 80's "thumb's up" action. Who in the world told him that was a good idea?

So my question to you, Mr. Espada, is: will you be coming around to clean all of these lame signs up after the election is over and you are back home in Mamaroneck? I'm sure you already know (and don't care) that it is illegal to post such signage on public property. I've already seen them littering the sidewalks once they've had mustaches drawn and them and been ripped down.

Since you "live" here in Bedford Park, I would think that this quality of life issue would bother you just as much as it does me. Although judging by your intrusive mini-parade down the streets of Bedford Park this past Monday, you also have no respect for the noise code laws of this city either.

Please Mr. Espada, before you make another decision regarding your campaign, ask yourself: "Would this fly in Mamaroneck?"


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