Thursday, September 4, 2008

Listing of the Day: Longwood Condo

947 Ave of St John , 2 Bedroom 1 bath $227,000

Boogiedowner had already covered this new construction development back in August. Now they're finally on the market. Not sure if these are actually done being built yet because all the pics in the listings are still artist's renderings with a goofy white family stenciled in.
Come to think of it the original list price for the two bedroom in this development, dubbed the "SoBro Condo," was $217K, I wonder how it jumped to $227K in this market....hmmm.....

If anybody is looking to do some field work, I'd love to see what these actually look like. Calling all BoogieDowner open-house junkies: check this out, hunt down the listing agent (Oscar Pinto) to get a viewing and report back. Please confirm or deny the existence of the stenciled family with dad in short shorts and junior on his shoulders.


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