Monday, September 22, 2008

The Real SoBro

Lots of people have very different ideas in their heads when you say "South Bronx." From our experiences while posting on and reading other NYC message boards and blogs, it seems some people imagine SoBro is still burning, while others continue to think there are 80's style roving gangs of criminals looking to steal your hubcaps.

Below are a few images from our walking tour this weekend which will dispell any urban myths about what Mott Haven looks like. We would have liked to snap more pics, but the 8 month old was a bit fussy and clearly has not developed a healthy appreciation for architecture yet!

St. Jerome's Roman Catholic Church, Alexander Avenue

Devotion to Mary, St. Jerome's Roman Catholic Church, Alexander Avenue

View up E. 138th Street from Alexander Avenue

Lovingly maintained home on E. 139th Street

Beautiful townhouses on E. 140th Street

Gorgeous floor-to-ceiling window in townhouse on Alexander Avenue


Anonymous said...

Some nice photos there. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you wrote this today.

I actually made my very first blog post (this is all so new to me) a few days ago after reading the NYT piece on Lisa Kahane and her photos.
In the post, I wondered "if/how" my new beat (Bronx CD 6) is still dealing with the fallout of the fires of the '70s.
What didn't come across in my hasty, late-night post is the skepticism I meant to convey with that "if." I edited the post this morning and hopefully clarified.

My class blog, for anyone interested:
Keep in mind that it is brand new and many of us are blogging virgins!

Lily said...

That's my house on 139th Street! I'm glad you enjoyed our stoop-gardening efforts! My friend emailed me the link - I had no idea this blog existed! XO Lily

Puerto Rico Sun said...

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Unknown said...

i love it - your pictures and concept are excellent. my husband and i have lived in the bronx for 4 years and his parents and sister also live here. we know how great the bronx is and in a way we dont mind that other people dont because it keeps it fresh and real.