Monday, September 8, 2008

Listing of the Day: It's like They're Paying you

2304 Grand Avenue - 1 bedroom, $700/mo.

This one bedroom is located in University Heights. It's hard to believe that a one bedroom can be had for $700 a month anywhere in New York City. I know I've done this in other posts, but it really is shocking to look at the pro-rated numbers (assuming a 30 day month):

$23.34/day, that's less than a dollar an hour.

Even a 7 year old Indonesian lad making sneakers all day for Nike can afford this apartment.

You would expect a dilapidated mess at this price, but if you check out the pics, it ain't that bad. In fact I think people are cramming into much worse spots in hoods like Bushwick and Bed Stuy.

Fordham Rd. is right to the north, the 4 is right at Jerome and 183rd, and if you need West Side access the B/D is over at 183rd and the Concourse.

And who says New york is unaffordable?

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Anonymous said...

Is light and gas include?