Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Bronx Rocks (Literally)

Add state of the art and affordable recording studio to the list of amenities attracting creative types to Mott Haven. Located at 11 Bruckner Blvd,. SoBro Studios just turned up the decibel level on the Bronx buzz.

Dubbed a "sanctuary for loudness in the South Bronx," SoBro Studios allows the musicians who live in Mott Haven to ply their trade there as well. No more schlepping to the Village, no more commuting to Williamburg. Crack a Tecate and stay at home to rock out.

The studio has some high hopes, serious goals, and kick-ass equipment:

"The studio aims to provide a superior rehearsal experience. Gallegos [owner Steven Gallegos], having played in numerous bands himself, felt that many NYC studios are lacking in terms of functionality and basic amenities such as quality gear and air conditioning, as well as atmosphere. SoBro Studios provides both with four climate controlled rooms fully equipped with all new gear including Line 6 SpiderValve combos, heads and cabinets; Fender Deville combos; Yamaha Powered mixers and speakers; Sennheiser Dynamic Mics; Gallien-Krueger Backline 210 bass combo amps; Tama Imperial Star and Pearl Forum drum kits and Roland live cd recorders. The waiting area provides a relaxed, local hangout atmosphere with a couch and coming soon: a plasma TV, vending machines and more. When a band arrives at the studio they are met with a hospitable and encouraging staff ready to care for their customers on their road to success."

Whoa, you guys have Line 6 SpiderValve combos AND vending machines?

If you are a cool Bronx musician, lets keep the coolness in the Boogiedown. If you are a mainland rocker and just want cheap studio time ($20/hr) and a night owl schedule (noon-4am), check out SoBro Studios or call Steven G. @ 718-758-4033.

*Inspiration for the title of this post taken from our contributor Simone Davis's super cool website,*


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