Monday, September 8, 2008

The Hunt: BoogieDowner Breakdown

BoogieDowner had a bit of a hangover this weekend, thus the lateness of bringing you our breakdown of this weekend's New York Times "Hunt." Better late than never though!

Hunt Honey Joyce Cohen chronicles a Californian transplant's search for an apartment for $2,500/month. Adam Cunningham, 25, needed to relocate to New York for his job in the entertainment field.

His $2,500/month secured him a 515-square-foot studio apartment down in the Wall Street area. I'm not sure I've ever even been in a space that tiny - must be a bit of a shock to someone who lived in a loft space in California.

After looking at a studio apartment on the Upper East Side, Mr. Cunningham was disappointed with the neighborhood: “I wanted something more downtown, more edgy, more organic,” he said. “I don’t mean Whole Foods. I mean artistically forward.” [New York Times]

I'm not sure how artistically forward or edgy the Wall Street crowd is, but Mr. Cunningham seems quite happy with his sunny new conversion building, complete with yet to be finished lounge and gym, and even wash-and-fold laundry service. Not sure how organic the building sounds, but nice amenities for sure! Congrats, and welcome to NYC Mr. Cunningham... Now that you've been in the NY Times Real Estate section, I'm sure you'll have people lining up to go to the theatre with you!

Of course, since we are the BoogieDowner, we must compare what this hunter would have found around his price point had he looked in the city's edgiest borough, The Bronx:

Mr. Cunningham would have loved the edgy art scene that defines the Mott Haven/SoBro neighborhood that is home to this beautiful newly renovated 3 bedroom apartment. He could have tripled his space for the same monthly rent of $2,500. While I'm sure there is no wash-and-fold laundry service in this place, it does have a washer/dryer right in the apartment itself (something most New Yorker's would kill for), as well as a newly renovated kitchen, exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and even a new marble bathroom with soaking tub. Swanky! See full listing here.

Okay, so maybe Mr. Cunningham doesn't need three whole bedrooms for just himself... So how about this gorgeous newly renovated two bedroom apartment in a landmarked brownstone in the same Mott Haven nabe? The description of this place says "convertible three bedroom," so I'm guessing there's some nice flex-space that can be used as an office or something like that. Check out the kitchen in this place... Pretty insane for $2,500/month. The place also has two marble baths with jacuzzi soaking tub and a built-in 47-inch plasma tv. Okay, not sure how organic the 47-inch plasma tv is, but the place also has garden access! See full listing here.

For $2,150/month, Mr. Cunningham could be enjoying coastal living in this City Island two bedroom/two bath condo. Complete with jacuzzi tub, stainless steel appliances, and a washer/dryer, this place is right on the water and even has a roof deck. And yes, those are actual sailboats in the picture showing the view from the living room. Admittedly, the commute to midtown on the express bus would be a pain in the arse... but you don't get more organic than life in this seaside community in the Bronx. Great restaurants and beautiful views at a bargain price. View full listing here.
*Hunt photo courtesy of Hiroko Massuike for the New York Times*

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