Monday, September 29, 2008

Listing of the Day: Norwood Studio

3530 Rochambeau Ave. - Studio $810/mo

Really great and undervalued hood. Norwood has the Williamsbridge Oval, proximity to Van Cortlandt Park and cheap rent. This is in the northern part of the nabe, near Gun Hill Rd. and Montefiore Medical Center, but you would still be able to walk to the Botanical Garden if were were feeling inspired.

Rochambeau is a particularly pretty block (maybe the prettiest in Norwood), as reported by BoogieDowner and supported with photographic evidence a while back.

You'd have decent shopping on one of three shopping strips: Gun Hill Road, Jerome Avenue, or Bainbridge/204th (for the boozehounds there are still a few old school Irish bars on 204th if you like that rustic old-man bar vibe). Your transportation would be pretty nice as well, with the 4 at Mosholu Parkway and Jerome Ave and the D at 205th and Bainbridge

For the fresh food set, there is actually a Norwood Food Co-op that supplies members with affordable, fresh and eco-friendly food. Pricing and details after the jump. We'll let you know how it is; the BoogieDowner just recently joined!

So, cheap rent, great parks, easy transportation, and healthy and fresh produce - Norwood's sounding pretty good.


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