Monday, September 15, 2008

The Prettiest Block in Norwood?

In our infinite wisdom, BoogieDowner hereby proclaims that Rochambeau Avenue must be the prettiest block in Norwood. Aside from the quaint "tree-lined street" feeling you get when you walk down the street (complete with cute chirping bird noises), the buildings are all gorgeous and appear to be nicely maintained. Most of them have grand, hoity toity (another BoogieDowner term similar to "shee-shee-foo-foo") entrances which lend an air of elegance to the block.

I know that after BoogieDowner's official pronouncement that Rochambeau is the prettiest block in Norwood, legions of readers will be flocking to move there and get their slice of real estate heaven. So to further entice you, I've done a bit of rental research... True 1 bedrooms can be had for between $800 and $1,000 per month (the higher end of that scale most of the time reflecting the price of a newly renovated pad). I can't seem to find anything for sale on Rochambeau right now, which leads me to believe that most of these buildings are rentals, and that the single family homes and duplexes/triplexes have very low turnover.

As if its beauty weren't enough, Rochambeau is also a stone's throw away from the express D train at 204th Street, and super close to Montefiore Medical Center and the Williamsbridge Oval. Here are a few pieces of photographic evidence to back up our claim on this hidden secret in Norwood:


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