Sunday, September 14, 2008

Listing of the Day: Studio for Less than $100K

1020 Grand Concourse (Btwn 164th and 165th), Studio Co-op $99,000

This is a studio for less than $100K that is not even in a peripheral nabe... Highbridge is popping. This particular building is supposed to be the gem of the hood, with 24 door man service and an on site garage for parking. As an added bonus, the maintenance is only $479/month.

As with most Bronx hoods, the transportation is very nice. B/D or 4 at 161st.

You all know about the Yankee Stadium buzz, so I won't repeat myself. You should also realize how cool the Bronx Museum of the Arts is, which is right up at 167th.

Did I mention that this co-op actually has one of those shee-shee-foo-foo names? Well it does: the Executive Towers.

So if you have $10K for a down payment (only 10% required) and a desire to be ahead of this real estate thing, check it out. The full purchase price of this co-op is about what the down payment on a studio in some Manhattan hoods would be. Do the math, count the space, take the train, move to the Bronx.


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