Friday, September 12, 2008

Tsk, tsk Hottie Burg Bikers

Yet another funny post from Curbed today:

Hipster Hottie Bicyclists vs. Hasids in South Williamsburg?
This may be the first time that we've seen the issue of "scantily clad cyclists' injected into the sometimes colorful debate about cars vs. bikes in neighborhoods. But, that's what's going on in South Williamsburg where there seems to be a battle of Hipster Hotties vs. Hasids. Specifically, leaders of the large and politically-powerful South Williamsburg Hasidic community are asking the city to get rid of bike lanes on Wythe and Bedford Avenues and not to build one on Kent Avenue. A Community Board One member tells the Post: "I have to admit, it's a major issue, women passing through here in that dress code. It bothers me, and it bothers a lot of people." The problem, among other things, is the hipster penchant for riding in shorts and skirts. The temporary bike lane on Kent would be a precursor to the
Brooklyn Greenway along with waterfront; some community leaders want the Wythe and Bedford Ave. bike lanes eliminated as a tradeoff for the greenway. The greenway is supposed to eventually run from Newtown Creek to Sunset Park. The Hipster Hottie angle didn't come up during the Community Board meeting, just the general opposition to the bike lanes.

BoogieDowner's take:

Poor, poor Brooklyn hipsters. If they're not getting attacked by machetes, their bike lanes are possibly being taken away by Hasids who think they look a bit too trampy whilst riding. Talk about stifling one's artistic expression! I bet if they were in the Bronx, they could ride around naked and no one would give them any trouble. We're just so peace-loving and accepting of all kinds up here in the BoogieDown. Brooklyn is so 2006, wouldn't you say?

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AND we have Pelham bay park and the parkway to bike around