Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Double Standards for Double Parkers?

Let me start out by saying that I know many people will not agree with BoogieDowner's take on this issue... but nonetheless, here we go:

The Daily News' Dorian Block is reporting that Bronx merchants are angry about the amount of tickets being given to customers who park illegally in front of their shopping strips. The Bronx Business Alliance has even met with local politicians to discuss the "predatory" nature of the traffic violations distribution in the Bronx.

I cannot believe this is the Bronx Business Alliance's idea of working to "revitalize the commercial corridors of the Northeast Bronx" (their mission according to their webpage). Do you know why oftentimes I will head to Westchester to run certain errands? Because the commercial strips near me are all clogged due to double parkers! Double parkers get me almost as fired up as the alternate side street cleaning rules.

I guess I'm just one of those idiots who actually follows the rules because I know that if I break the law, I run the risk of getting a ticket. It's a very simple concept, these pesky traffic violation laws. Yes, I've been on the receiving end of a ticket or two here in the Bronx... but most of the time it was rightfully deserved and I pay it and move on.

Do I feel bad for the disabled polio survivor mentioned in the article who was given a ticket while sitting in her illegally parked car. Yeah, I guess so. But most people who I see double parked in front of stores are able-bodied and most likely not polio survivors. They just suffer from a bad case of chutzpah.

So, in closing, I know I'm most likely the only person in the borough who feels this way, but keep up the good work NYPD traffic violations unit.

I will now duck behind my computer monitor to avoid the rotten tomatoes which will inevitably be thrown my way.

*Photo courtesy of Albans/News*



Anonymous said...

Well, you aren't the only Bronxite who thinks this way. I agree with you!

Part of the inner circle said...

You don't know the whole story. Had you actually been to the meeting maybe you would see what was really the deal. Yes, I agree that if you don't follow the rules you should get a ticket. But I have heard many stories of business owners who got ticketed unjustly.