Sunday, September 28, 2008

Morris Park 911 Center?

Thank you to a BoogieDowner reader who alerted us to this New York Times story by Katherine Bindley about a possible 911 Emergency Call Center being planned for a nine-acre site at what is now the Hutchinson Metro Center in Morris Park. The call center would work in conjunction with the MetroTech Center in Brooklyn, which fields about 33,000 calls per day.

Residents are concerned that the possible arrival of this center, which has grown from its originally planned 17-story building to a 37-story building, will overwhelm the mostly residential neighborhood that already shows signs of overcrowding.

Community Board 11 has voted against the plan for the call center, but feels that the massive project will proceed anyway and strain the resources of the neighborhood.

Hopefully CB 11 is able to squash the plans for this center, or least get the city to scale back the nature of the project so that it is more in keeping with the low-key vibe of Morris Park.

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