Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Bronx, Gandhi, Yankee Stadium: We Love It!

As the last game at Yankee Stadium comes upon us tonight, the BoogieDowner decided to share a Yankee story that you wouldn't find many other places (except for the New Jersey Jewish News- which is where we found it).

Originally, a written piece in the New Yorker by Chet Wililamson in 1983, this spoof was adapted to the screen by California filmmakers Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm.

Gandhi at the Bat [screen version's website -funny]

It turns out (as per the spoof) that Gandhi had to come to the U.S. for a matter of national security and FDR had any records of the trip destroyed. Except for that pesky stint as a pinch hitter for the NY Yankees against the Philadelphia A's.

My favorite part of the screen-spoof's website is when it refers to Gandhi as the "Tiny Terror of Tealand", better known to his teammates as "Mo." Not sure if that first one isn't a little offensive. Indian-Americans, are you offended?

Gandhi at the Bat is one of the entries in the third annual National Baseball Hall of Fame Film Festival held in Cooperstown, NY, Sept. 19-21. For more information on the Hall of Fame Film Festival, contact 607-547-0215 or, or visit

*Photos courtesy Alec Boehm


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Anonymous said...

Sorry, not about Yankee Stadium...but wanted to say I JUST read the piece in the City section and thought I'd check out the blog. We're also new Bronx (well, for me, a return, I was born here and lived in Woodlawn until 5!)...but we're in Riverdale and love it. So glad we found this, we'll be reading!