Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Brooklyn Mark-Up Reaches New Heights

After the New York Times feature on BoogieDowner came out, we received a few emails from friends of ours who live in our former borough who said, "Please, take it easy on Brooklyn."

And you know what? We will take it easy on Brooklyn... Right after this post about $11 frozen yogurt on Court Street. (The beauty of the world wide inter-web allows me to have my fingers crossed behind my back right now without anybody knowing...)

A Daily News article by Veronika Belenkaya states that a fro-yo shop in Brooklyn Heights, Yofiore, is charging their customers $11.87 for a large frozen yogurt with toppings. One of the toppings is actually Tiffany solitaire diamonds... psych! Gotcha, right?

Seriously, this is disgraceful.

When asked for comment on the issue, one resident said, "This is downtown Brooklyn. Whatever flies in Manhattan flies here." That's the problem a-holes - it shouldn't "fly there" because you don't live in Manhattan. You live in Brooklyn... You know, the place where a naked dude just got tasered by the NYPD and fell to his death and hipsters are getting attacked by machetes? Now tell me again, why is the Bronx so scary?

So why the exorbitant price tag for something as simple as frozen yogurt? The shop's owner seems to have gotten caught up in the media-generated real estate frenzy in Brooklyn and pays somewhere around $14,000 for his 600 square foot space. Anybody else a little concerned about the inevitable bad outcome from these grossly over-inflated property values in Brooklyn and the countless numbers of new construction Fedders buildings that are littering the borough?

*Photo courtesy of Rosier for Daily News*



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Anonymous said...

As a native New Yorker, 4th Generation born and raised in Brooklyn with relatives in the Bronx, I agree it's a disgrace that people are pushed out by those willing to pay and pay and pay without question or comment. When the spill over from Manhattan came our way landlords saw an opportunity to increase me, someone in the Bronx will be selling their ice cream at Manhattan prices soon.