Wednesday, September 17, 2008

G-Bar Attracts a Great Crowd!

OK, fellow Bronxites – I know you’ve seen those ubiquitous (and frankly, somewhat annoying) commercials that play every other minute on T.V. and, like me, you’ve always wondered what the low-down was on G-Bar. Well, I finally ventured in last night for dinner and entertainment (and I admit - to finally quench my curiosity!) Now - BoogieDowner readers will remember my delight at discovering not only a new restaurant in my Parkchester nabe – Willie’s Steakhouse, but also a great performer – Annette Aguilar and The StingBeans! So, when Annette informed me that they would be appearing over at G-Bar, I had to go and check the place out! Her Latin Jazz inspired music is so perfect for dining – a great, uptempo beat but not too in-your-face, loud or intrusive.

So, I knew that part of the night would be great. What REALLY surprised me was how unbelievably pleasant and inviting the whole place was. (I went in on my own and within minutes felt very welcomed, cozy and comfortable.) Great upscale décor, friendly staff (you know - the kind that simply doesn’t exist in most parts of Manhattan), great Italian food (the Lobster Ravioli was well worth the extra junk I no doubt carted off in my trunk), mojitos that would delight Papa H. himself…and the best part? A crowd that was one great-big-happy-family of a mix!! Locals, Yankee fans, students, businessmen and tourists all gave the place a wonderful lively ambiance. There are three separate areas – the restaurant proper with it’s own classy bar, ANOTHER bar area (the one that is pictured with the retro-cool snake-like counter that glows in the dark) and a more private upstairs seating area that overlooks the action below.

Manager Benny told me there is something going on every night from Live Music to Celebrity DJs to Karaoke to Open Mic. They also have a fab Sunday Champagne Brunch! And valet parking! (Also of note: this is the same group that brought the Zagat-rated Tosca to the Bronx!)

Bravo guys! You just scored a new repeat customer!

*Photo by Simone Davis. For more photos, please visit*

~Simone Davis,


viv said...

I am from the bronx am glad I found this blog. G-Bar is great and in Throgs Neck they have another restaurant Tosca Cafe....good food and should check it out if you haven't already. Also in Little Italy in the Bronx they have this new restaurant Zero Otto Nove which also is great.

Simone Davis said...

Hi Viv! Yes I definitely have Tosca on my list, but thanks for the tip on Zero Otto Nove. Can't wait to check it out!

jenna said...

zero otto nove is great (i worked there briefly). it opened in october and is owned and operated by roberto... of the famous Roberto's on crescent ave... FYI