Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Affordable is Our Middle Name

Manny Fernandez of the New York Times reports that Mikey Bloomberg announced the City has met the halfway point of its ambitious plan to preserve over a half million affordable housing units. The announcement took place today in Morissania, an area that has seen the city help finance 27,000 units.

It nice to see the City help normal New Yorkers actually live in New York.

Shaun Donovan, commissioner of the housing preservation department said, “I think it demonstrates that low- and moderate-income people can not only become homeowners but can be successful homeowners when the programs and the housing efforts are structured in the right way, when the mortgages are reasonable, when the prices are reasonable.” [NY Times City Room]

Reasonable prices are what the BoogieDowner is all about. Kudos City Hall, Kudos! Also, scroll down to the bottom of the article after the jump to see Bronx affordable housing guru Gregory Lobo Jost (of West Bronx Blog fame) quoted.

Affordable Housing Effort Reaches Halfway Point [NY Times City Room]


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