Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brooklyn Hipsters are Mean

I just thought this post on was funny:

Real World Brooklyn vs. Hipsters
The Real World Brooklyn cast was spotted at a Semi Precious Weapons show at Rebel on Monday, which is interesting, but the fun part is the complaint voiced by cast member Chet Bannon, who is the Mormon among them. He said: "When we go to Williamsburg we get harassed. The hipsters throw things at us and say 'Why are you here? Go home!' Ten years ago none of them were there either." He looked hurt and wondered, 'Why are the hipsters so small minded?'" [NYPress; Real World Coverage] [from and NY Press]

Ha! In one sentence this guy managed to sum up everything I cannot stand about BillBurg hipsters. Boy oh boy would the Real World cast have had fun in the BoogieDown. SoBro businesses would be fawning all over them hoping for 10 minutes of fame not associated with the "Bronx is Burning" stereotype. They could have experienced all the good stuff about NYC, minus the Brooklyn 'tudes. I guess the Real World cast should just consider themselves lucky that they haven't been attacked with machetes yet.



Anonymous said...

The hipster-thing is a sign of the times. I think that they are an incredibly honest group. We live in the nastiest, most poisonous, putrid, and hostile time ever in human history, and hipsters are the perfect reflection of that.

The hip crowds will stand up for their behaviors, and cause resistance and doubt, but the truth is that the vast majority of them are toxic personality types. They tend to mimic the attitudes of politicians. There are things to learn from hipsters. They are a bi-product of social engineering, and it takes intellectual prowess to not vilify their scene. The problem is that the attitude they project is narcissistic. It’s a no win situation. It is an abusive and hurtful mentality of bullying and gas lighting.

One thing that they do have on their side is numbers; numbers of other hipsters on their side. Hipsters are like a large clan of friends. They consider their groups to be an extended family, and that is an interesting perspective that they are on to. It’s finding comfort in uncomfortable times. I find the extended family thing interesting because hipsters are not stopping at the ‘gentrification’ of poor neighborhood people, but they are now alienating their own family members and using scapegoat tactics to break apart the fabric of the nuclear family.

Hipsters are like government drones that were manipulated and brainwashed. I think they project something that says they were screwed over, and they do not know where or when or how it occurred, so naturally, they’re pissed and mean towards others. Their college educations ended up being very generic. I’d go so far to say that college today is harmful for people’s natural intelligence and creativity. Hipsters are an honest representation or bi-product of our poisoned pillar of academia. Many of them were financially scammed, socially crammed, and then crapped out of school just to be unemployable. It reminds me of the scene in The Christmas Story when the evil Santa’s helper pushes Ralphy down the slide with his boot before he remembers to tell Santa he wants the Red Rider...

Anyways, hipsters are mean when they have something to prove and have an overwhelming urgency to fit in with a peer group that accepts them.

Anonymous said...

That's all true. It is so sad. Hipsters are a hate cult. I am Born and rased in Bushwick and it breaks my heart what happened to NYC:(