Thursday, September 11, 2008

Morris Park Just Got a Bit More Centered

Another yoga center has popped up on BoogieDowner's radar. This one is "Dahn Yoga & Tai-Chi" located in the Morris Park section of the Bronx, and they claim to serve as "your path to a healthier, happier and more peaceful life."

In addition to being happy and peaceful, you could look like this guy if you work hard enough!
Editor's Note: Creepy photo of scary yoga man courtesy of and not associated with Dahn Yoga.

Although I do not agree with their advertising methods (shoving pamphlets into every car door handle in Bedford Park, thus creating unnecessary litter), I am happy to hear about another yoga studio finding its home in the Bronx.

Not that I even do yoga - I'm much too tense and generally crabby for that sort of thing... but I think that these are the amenities that certain other boroughs that begin with "Bro" have that the BoogieDown has traditionally lacked.

Now all the cute little old Italian ladies over in Morris Park are going to be doing full splits and walking around with yoga mats slung over their shoulders. Park Slope watch out, soon the Bronx is going to be just as flexible and nimble as you!
Dahn Yoga is located at 1805 Williamsbridge Road. Call (718) 892-1100 for more info, or check out their website.



bronxyogini said...

what is the other yoga studio in our borough? I'm a recently certified yoga teacher who lives in da Bronx and would like to teach my fellow bronxites.

bronxyogini said...

sorry, I just found your previous post about the other yoga space!!