Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Shameless Self Promotion

Well, I guess being in the NY Times gets people reading. Bronx News 12 actually contacted us and came to our humble abode to film a brief segment.

It started running at 7:30pm this evening and is part of the normal loop. At 10pm the full story will air, so tune in!

We also appreciate the link from Bronx News 12's Website: Check it out Here

Not sure if the video will be posted on Bronx News 12's website, but if it is, we'll be sure to share it with all the non-Bronx readers who do not have the joy of watching local news anchored by Kevin McCabe.


1 comment:

Tired of being broke said...

Hey guys,

Saw you on news 12 tonight. Great job with the blog.

I actually came across you guys last week because I was doing some research after attending the open house at the Aurora Condos on Washington Avenue.