Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nos Gusta Mucho Santa Clarita

Thanks to a fantastic tip from a BoogieDowner reader, who happens to be a Mott Haven foodie, our recent trip down to Mott Haven was anchored by a delicious and affordable meal at Santa Clarita (located at 237 Willis Avenue @ 138th St.).

The food and atmosphere in this restaurant left nothing to be desired. Cute tables and lighting fixtures, nice wait staff, prompt service, and most importantly the food was some of the best Mexican I've ever had.

The wife had tacos dorados, which are soft shell tacos that are then fried to golden goodness. An order of four was $7.95. I went with the BoogieDowner reader's suggestion of the chorizo sopes. Wow! Absolutely unreal. If you ever go to Santa Clarita (and you should) you are obligated to get the sopes. Trust the BoogieDowner; the sopes are the truth. An order of three was $7.50. We also had an order of nachos, whose size dwarfed both of the main courses. The massive, massive nachos were only $7.95. Coronas were $4 each, which isn't quite $3.50, but we're okay with that.

Santa Clarita is a nice off the beaten path option in Mott Haven. We're not suggesting you stop patronizing Alexander's or Bruckner Bar and Grill (we love Alexander's and Bruckner Bar and Grill), we're just asking you to expand your horizons north of Bruckner Blvd. If you live in Mott Haven, Santa Clarita delivers too. Pick up the phone and enjoy a little Tenochtitlan heaven.

Getting there: Take the 6 train to 138th Street and 3rd Avenue.


Clarisel said...

Me gusta Santa Clarita tambien, I like Santa Clarita too. -- Clarisel, Bronx Latino

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reviewing this place. We invited a bunch of friends out to meet and eat there last night and every single dish we ordered was fantastic. The prices were fair as well. Well worth the visit! Would've never found out about it without reading the BoogieDowner! Please keep reviewing the South Bronx!