Thursday, September 25, 2008

Listing of the Day: Too Good To Be True?

2415 Creston Ave., 3 Bedroom - $1350/month

Doth my eyes deceive me? A three bedroom apartment that rents for $1,350 in the Fordham section of the Bronx just might be the cheapest three bedroom rental in the city. The BoogieDowner has outdone itself in bargain hunting. We once boldly stated that we had found the "cheapest three bedroom in the city", and even Curbed took notice. But this puppy is even cheaper than that previously declared find.

Now we all know that sometimes listings can be deceiving and that some real estate agents will blatantly lie about sizes and location. We hope the listing agent, Jhoanni, is an upstanding professional and that this listing is truthful. I hate to even raise the spectre of anything being fishy and this being too good to be true, but $1,350/month for a three bedroom is outrageously cheap - even by Bronx standards.

Jhoanni, if you're out there please confirm that this is actually three bedrooms and that the price is in U.S. dollars and not Euros. The pics aren't great, but at this price it's hard to complain about anything.

This location is not bad either. 188th and the Concourse is right near the B/D at Fordham Road and right near all that Fordham Rd. shopping, Poe Park, and that super-duper Kingsbridge Library.

And just for kicks, the BoogieDowner want to run the numbers. Assuming that this is split by three people, each would pay $450/mo, which is $112/week, which is $16/day. I'd call less than $20 a day a pretty good deal for housing, no?


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