Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Park Slope is Burning!

Well, maybe not exactly burning... but according to this Curbed.com post, there has certainly been an uptick in crime lately.

There have been reports of broken car windows, hubcaps being stolen (hello, isn't that such a 1980's crime?), windshield wipers being stolen, and even the theft of a piece of an iron gate. Oh, and did I mention the stabbing that occurred yesterday with a group of high schools kids?

Yowzas, between this recent crime wave and the opening of a sex shop on Bergen Street, those Park Slope mommies better pack up their crocs and Bugaboos and head for the Bronx quick, before the impending arrival of the machete crimes!

*Slightly ridiculous "mommie & me" Park Slope YMCA yoga class photo courtesy of Mary Altaffer / AP*


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viv said...

Funny post....I live in the Bronx in the Bedford Park area and love it...too bad I am moving to Westchester. :(