Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bon Appetite!

A BoogieDowner reader, Anita from Bronx Underground, sent us a heads up about a food tasting event at the Castle Hill YMCA on Tuesday, September 9th from 6 to 9pm.

Sorry about the lack of detail on this... there doesn't seem to be any information online about the event. Even the name of the night is in question! There is an ad in Bronx Times Reporter that refers to it as "Taste of the Bronx." But the nice fella I talked to at the YMCA called it "Bon Appetite." Whatever it's called, it sounds pretty great. There are 20 different restaurants from around the Bronx, including Patricia's Pizza and Pasta in Morris Park and Tosca Cafe in Throgs Neck, all under one roof!

The cost is $75 for Y members and $100 for everybody else. Questions? Call (718) 792-9736.

I've reached out to the event organizer for more details, and will report back if I hear anything else. Please give us a shout if you know anything about this event or have been to it in the past.

Getting There: Take the Bx22 bus to Castle Hill Avenue/Norton Avenue. Walk south for about 4 minutes on Castle Hill Avenue to Hart Street.

Thanks Anita!



Simon Hova said...

Quick note: the actual date of the event is September 9, not September 8.

Boogiedowner said...

Hi there Simon,
The post you're looking at is actually from last year. Is the event taking place again this coming September? If so, we can alert our readers. Thanks! ErLu