Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Listing of the Day: Riverdale Co-op

3235 CAMBRIDGE AVENUE, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms - $649,500

Now, the BoogieDowner usually does not cover much Riverdale real estate. That's not because we don't love Riverdale, we do. Van Cortlandt Park is great, Wave Hill is great, I can even enjoy a nice Manhattan Japers' hoops game when they're getting thumped by the Fordham Rams.

The scarcity of Riverdale real estate coverage is due to the fact that for the most part the cost per square foot you'll get in Riverdale is much higher than in other less exclusive parts of the Bronx. But there's no denying the draw of the quasi-suburban feel while still technically being in the city. There's a reason people pay a premium to snatch up real estate in Riverdale.

If the mantra of the Listing of the Day is cheap, big, and with good transportation, this listing is all about size. A BoogieDowner reader sent in a hot tip on a HUGE (if not cheap) place in Riverdale (Thanks, Joy!). Size is what got this puppy in the door.* So here we go...

This thing really is massive in terms of size. It's bigger than most houses. Four bedrooms and THREE BATHROOMS. Really, how many people have three bathrooms in their residence? Million dollar homes on Long Island or in Westchester do not have three bathrooms.

There is also laundry in the apartment itself, a den, and eleven closets. While the price tag is certainly out of range for a lot of BoogieDowner readers, if you're hunting and that's your price point, why pay the same amount for a 600 square footer on the Upper East Side or Tribeca?

Transportation can be tough in Riverdale with no direct subway line, but if you can pay this number for an apartment, you can afford the Metro North ticket into Grand Central.

*that's what she said



Anonymous said...

This apartment is located between the Parkway and Broadway. There are numerous transportation options. In addition to Metro North, the subway and express buses are a short walk.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the 1 train down the hill and all the way past Independence Ave? Is that still Riverdale or Kingsbridge Heights? About how long of a walk? Express buses could be expensive, no? The apartment does look nice, though...and big...

Boogiedowner said...

The BoogieDowner wasn't trying to hate on Riverdale's transportation. We're just pointing out that is a little more isolated than a lot of our Listings of the Day. Having taken the 1 train to look at apartments during our hunt, I can say that the 1 train isn't super-close, but doable. But, we were going to places in the southern part of Riverdale (230s). Up in the 240s, is the train closer to where Riverdaleans live? BoogieDowner is far from an expert on Riverdale transportation...Anybody want to chime in?

Anonymous said...

I live in Riverdale, in the 230s and I can walk to the #1 quite quickly. The only downer are the huge city stairs I must use for my stop, so on my return trip, it's a bit tough, going up all those stairs. But then I reason to myself that hey, I get my workout in there too! ;-) A lot of folks who live further up take the bus (like the #7) to the 231st Street station.

BTW, love your blog.