Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Primary Results

For a look at the Bronx Primary results, check out the West Bronx Blog here.

I guess Pedro Espada Jr.'s littering the neighborhood with his dorky campaign poster and holding weekly parades celebrating himself (we took a pic of another one he had yesterday at 6pm which caused a traffic backup and subsequent horn blasting on 201st Street) paid off... He took in 59.60% of the votes, as opposed to Efrain Gonzalez's 40.40%.

Now that you've proved you're more popular than a guy who's been accused of stealing over $400,000 from various non-profit groups (hardly a herculean task), maybe you could get to work on cleaning up all your campaign paraphernalia that is littering the streets of the Bronx. Just in case you think a little campaign-poster-cleaning-fairy came around to take care of it, I snapped a shot of some of your litter I passed during my morning walk.


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Anonymous said...

I just stumbled your website after looking the results from the State Senate and was very disappointed to learn that Espada won! I wished there were more options also, too bad. I think we all live in the same building too. Well, at least two of really do live there.