Monday, September 1, 2008

Espada Continues to Prove He's a Classy Guy (Not!)

I was just washing the dishes, minding my own business on this beautiful Labor Day when I heard some loud noise outside my apartment on 201st Street. I ran to the window to make sure all was well, and what did I have the pleasure of seeing? It was none other than Pedro Espada Jr., riding right past my window on a float surrounded by dancers like he was queen of some imaginary parade that no one else knew was happening in Bedford Park today!

This guy continues to impress me with the level of classiness he brings to the Bronx Democratic Assembly race... First he gets sassy with my 85 year old neighbor (who is supposedly his neighbor as well because he lives in my Bedford Park co-op, right?), and now he contributes to the already frustrating NYC noise pollution by blasting bodega music and shouting into a megaphone outside my window. Hmmmmm, I wonder if these campaign tactics would work in the picturesque Westchester suburban town of Mamaroneck where his other residence is?


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