Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Need More Cowbell

The Bronx really doesn't play around.

Right near Yankee Stadium at 162nd Street and Ogden Ave. lies JCR Percussion, which is world famous for its cowbells and drums. The owner, Carly Rivera, used to provide the late great Cuban salsa star Celia Cruz with instruments. Oddly enough Celia is buried in Woodlawn Cemetary (also in the Bronx) for anyone looking to make a pilgrimage.

Known to his customers as campanero numero uno - No. 1 bell ringer, Mr Rivera has sold instruments to people in the know as far away as Japan.

They have salsa music in Japan? Who would've thunk it...

Just to recap, if you are a cowbell enthusiast or a Japanese salsa musician, we've got you covered in the Boogiedown. It's nice to have those two demographics under control.
*photo courtesy of NYDN*


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