Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Baez Making Headlines (For All the Wrong Reasons...)

Frank Lombardi of the Daily News reports that one of our esteemed City Council members from the Bronx, Maria Baez (leader of the Bronx delegation), has the worst attendance record out of all the council members. In fact, she has only been present at less than half of this year's City Council meetings.

6 train stalled? Dog ate your homework? Can't get a babysitter? Death in the family? Have a case of the poopey-pants? Migraine? Don't want to miss the finale of Dancing With the Stars? Car broke down? Bathroom flooded? Need a mental health day?

I mean really, how in the world do you continue to come up with excuses to get out of doing your job. Actually, I'm not even saying once you're there you need to actually do anything. Just show up for Christ's sake!

Each day my pride continues to surge for our Bronx political leaders.


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Anonymous said...

If I am correct this is the mother of the late Anthony Baez who was killed by a police officer in the mid-90's. If it is her this is a total disgrace, for she does not have any valid reason for "skipping" out on city council meetings which are important for Bronxites.