Friday, August 22, 2008

Listing of the Day: Size Matters

1855 Grand Concourse - 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom $199,000
1,440 square feet. Stop and contemplate how much room that is. That's bigger than some houses.

This massive apartment is located on the border region of Morris Heights and Tremont, but like a lot of Bronxites, you'd probably just say you lived "on the Concourse" instead of giving some neighborhood.
If you ever got bored of each of those 1,440 square feet or alternating between your two bathrooms you could enjoy one of three parks in walking distance. Roberto Clemente State Park, which incidentally is not run by the parks department, but by the state - go figure with a name like that - is a 25 acre waterfront park on the Harlem River. The smaller Claremont Park is the closest but also most low key. The biggest and best in the hood is Crotona Park. Crotona Park even has a lake and twenty tennis courts that play host to the the annual Bronx Pro Tennis Classic... take that Queens, with your fancy-ass Arthur Ashe/US Open nonsense!

Transportation couldn't be more convenient. You have your choice of the B/D at Tremont, the 4 at 176th or even the Metro North at Tremont and Park Ave.

Just remember that your broker is lying to you if she tells you size doesn't matter. Once you close on that 300 square foot studio in Bed-Stuy for the same price, she'll be laughing about it with her friends behind your back.

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