Thursday, August 21, 2008

Listing of the Day: Longwood 3 Family

755 Beck St - 3 family House - $510,000

It is a beautiful Landmarked Brownstone built in the Longwood Historical District for only $510,000! It was built in 1901, 3 families, a driveway (ahh, sweet. sweet, parking!), a fenced in back yard, and is on a tree-lined block filled with similar brownstones. It is conveniently located about 7 blocks from the Bruckner Expressway, as well as 3 block from the 2/5 train and 4 blocks to the 6 train. What a steal!

You already know that your neighbors' houses would look the Cosby family lives in the hood, because Boogiedowner showcased Longwood's beautiful Brownstones yesterday, but here's another example on the right of how contstruction and development sit side-by-side century old houses in this rapidly changing nabe. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

While hanging in your vastly over sized house, you can take a walk to the misnamed (it's actually in Mott Haven) Longwood Arts Gallery @ Hostos College on 149th Street and the Grand Concourse and check out contemporary art like this: "Prayer Booth" by Dylan Mortimer (photo courtesy of Bronx Arts Council via NY Times) NY Times Article

For restaurants and beer-drinking, unless you like bodega beer, you would probably have to scoot over to more gentrified Mott Haven, but the creep is on. It won't be long until Mott Havenites are exploring your new hood. Somebody buy this house and open a bar-restaurant so we can move this thing along.

~Erlu + Jay O.


Anonymous said...

I am sure none of these row houses in the Bronx are for one family. Right?

Boogiedowner said...

If you have a big family, or want to be a landlord....

Guywithacause said...

Beautiful pictures, Jay! It's hard to believe that these are in the Bronx. And since Anja wants to know if anyone has any questions, let me ask her one: How dog-friendly is the neighborhood? Are there a lot of you around, and are there good parks/rec areas in which you can play?


Thanks for the question. The area is dog friendly, however there are no dog runs unfortunately in Longwood or Mott Haven. I contacted the city about it and all dog runs have to be created and maintained by the community. So until I can organize members of the community to get one in the park...we will not have one. I am working on it though! For now I can go off the leash every night after 9pm and have fun with that has been working out fine. I sometimes go to other dog parks in Pelham Bay Park or the city to meet up with other friends too..there are more dog parks there.