Thursday, August 28, 2008

Seriously Mr. Castro?

It's borderline pathetic that not one week after we discussed Nelson Castro having a shocking nine registered voters supposedly living in his one-bedroom apartment, we are again commenting on yet another indiscretion.

In his article "Democratic Party Knew About Castro's Rap Sheet," Bob Kappstatter of the NY Daily News reports that Norman Castro, a Bronx Democrat who's gunning to replace Assemblyman Luis Diaz, has an actual criminal record.

I'll let you decide which charge is more shocking:

Four years ago, Castro plead guilty to collecting about $5,000 in unemployment funds while still working.

Also, he was caught this past March driving in East Harlem with a revoked license and for owing over $3,000 in unpaid parking tickets.

Nelson Castro, you must be the classiest guy I know. Well, I don't actually know you, but I feel like I do since you're in the news so much. But I tend not to hang out with shady dudes with criminal records, so I doubt we'll ever meet... That is unless I suddenly need to do an apartment share and one of your eight roomies drops out - smooches!

*Photo courtesy of Noonan for Daily News*


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