Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gays, and Now Pastry Entrepreneurs? The Bronx is on Fire!

What seems like some sort of illegal marriage made in heaven, an influx of gay families and the relocation of Dufour Pastry Kitchens from the Meatpacking district to the Bronx, are actually completely unrelated stories.


No, it's true. After making history in 1984 by being the first non-meat manufacturing business in the Meatpacking district, Dufor Pastry Kitchens found itself by 2005 being priced and sized out of Manhattan. Carla Krasner and Judi Arnold of Dufour had the foresight and wisdom to search in the Bronx. (photo courtesy of NY Daily News)

"Luckily, Dufour found Port Morris [really just south Mott Haven? We all know how Bronx neighborhood borders are notoriously ambiguous] in the South Bronx, with affordable rent and nearby transit. 'We found open arms,' said Arnold, whose firm was eligible for two tax-incentive programs." [NY Daily News]

It's always great to see new businesses, great businesses, populating the Bronx. I'm starting to see a theme to a lot of our posts here: affordable rent and nearby transportation. Hmmmm....

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Anonymous said...

Pasta, pastries,transportation. I love the combination!