Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photo of the Day

Row Houses
Perry Avenue between 204th and 205th Streets
Photo by ErLu

15 Years of Bronx Talk

We're sending a big congrats out to Gary Axelbank, host of Bronx Talk, on the show's upcoming 15th anniversary.

Bronx Talk will celebrate its 707th show this upcoming Monday (10/5) with an hour-long special from 9 to 10pm on BronxNet's Channel 67.

Click here to check out the Daily News' piece chronicling the life of the show.


Community Fight Co-opted by Morton Williams [UPDATED 2x with response from MW and CB7]

The New York Times had a very interesting piece about the opposition to a supermarket in the Kingsbridge Armory redevelopment.

BoogieDowner has stated this before, but opposition to a supermarket in the Armory in no way benefits the community. We agree, along with CB7 Chairman Greg Faulkner (as related in the Times' article) that many residents need to shop outside of the community to procure decent groceries. We applaud his request for a supermarket in the Armory redevelopment. CB7 is a supermarket desert; to say otherwise is a lie.

Morton Williams has thoroughly co-opted the community fervor in regards to the Armory redevelopment. MW's deep pockets have funded consultants, lawyers, and City Council members to try to defeat a supermarket at the Armory.

The living wage issue has taken a back seat. From this article it appears that Related is willing to give up on the supermarket, but not on the living wage issue. Wouldn't it be a travesty if the living wage goal went unmet, but somehow the supermarket was defeated, and some false community victory declared?

BoogieDowner has no knowledge of Morton Williams' compensation practices, but does it give all of its employees a living wage (i.e. $10/hr plus benefits)?

There is a moral argument to be made for the living wage issue (even if the practicality is suspect), but the only argument against a supermarket is Morton Williams' bottom line.

Here's a little quote that reveals Morton Williams' real intentions:
The supermarket fight is reminiscent of a battle waged a decade ago in East Harlem against the suburban-size and highly successful Pathmark store on 125th Street and Lexington Avenue. A crucial player in that struggle, Richard Lipsky, the lobbyist for the smaller markets that opposed Pathmark’s entry into East Harlem, is representing Morton Williams. In June, Mr. Lipsky’s office inadvertently sent reporters a memo to his clients in which he outlined a strategy for defeating the project or significantly modifying it “in a direction that is acceptable to Morton Williams’ interests.” [NY Times]
Hmmm...Morton Williams' interests? What about the community's?

Update: Here's what Avi Kaner of Morton Williams had to say in the the comments section...We just wanted to highlight it so that no one misses it.
You're missing the point from Morton Williams' and the community's perspective.

Related’s Big Box food plans violate the terms of the city’s RFP which states “proposed commercial and retail uses must expand and enhance the current mix of retail offerings in the area, and endeavor to not duplicate or directly compete with the existing retail uses.” Suddenly, after Related was awarded the contract, it announced its intention to disregard this RFP requirement and instead plans a giant 60,000 square foot Big Box Supermarket or Warehouse Club in the armory that would have a catastrophic impact on our business and our company-wide hiring office across the street.

Related’s plan would represent a lethal blow to our two Bronx stores and many other local markets which would close as a result.

It will also be a punishing setback against the neighborhood with the elimination of many hundreds of Morton Williams union jobs - as our hiring and corporate office will be forced to move to a location outside of the Bronx where we have other stores.

To destroy our business with government subsidies is an outrage. The fact that taxes paid by businesses like ours will be used to subsidize a giant Big Box Supermarket or Warehouse Club magnifies the unfairness.

We are a good union employer that has been headquartered in the Kingsbridge community for over half a century, employing over 450 Kingsbridge area residents at any given time with full-time union jobs, health care, and other benefits. Many of our other 300 employees started out in this Bronx neighborhood. We are a leading private employer in the community with average wages that may be the highest for a private company in the area. Our payroll is $400,000 a week with 100% of our employees working full time.

We continuously update our stores with the most modern equipment and merchandising. We carry fresh and healthy foods, including an expanded selection of organic items as requested by Community Board 7.

We have never taken a penny in City subsidies. Now the City wants to use our tax dollars to put us out of business. This is unfair and unethical.

The Related Companies have spent millions of dollars on lobbyists; lawyers, and consultants to advance its plans. Just look at the draft Environmental Impact Statement. 10 pounds of paper and analysis that says that a Big Box Supermarket or Warehouse Club would not affect local businesses –– a ridiculous argument, even if it cost Related millions of dollars to produce the report.

We welcome fair competition. What we oppose is a sweetheart deal to a multi-billion dollar developer to put us out of business, with tens of millions of dollars in tax subsidies.

Avi Kaner
Morton Williams Supermarkets
Update #2 10/2/09: Fernando Tirado, District Manager of Community Board 7, has checked in with the following statement:
Unfortunately, Avi Kaner's argument against a big-box supermarket opening up in the Armory doesn't hold water. No matter what Mr. Kaner's beliefs, the fact remains that obesity and diabetes continue to rise within our community and many Bronx residents find themselves forced to shop outside of our borough to find fresh and affordable groceries.

I applaud MW Supermarkets for their recent changes, but the truth of the matter is that the community as a whole still does not have quality supermarkets. I find the opposition to a supermarket in the Armory to be anti-democratic and anti-free market at the expense of the surrounding community. I hope that we can still come up with an alternative that brings healthier and affordable options to the Northwest Bronx.

Fernando P. Tirado
District Manager
Bronx Community Board 7

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Photo of the Day

New Coat of Paint
It's amazing what a good paint scraping and fresh coat can do for a house...This home on E. 201st Street between Perry and Bainbridge Avenues has seen better days, but she's looking much better with her new coat of green paint.
Maybe she caught her home improvement bug from the home pictured below that sits just across the street.
Photos by ErLu

This Guy Might Actually Get Me to a Game or Two...

Photo: Jake Chessum/New York Magazine

First U2 plays on the steps of Keating Hall, and now Fordham University has a hot quarterback... man I wish I could roll back the time and be an undergrad right now.

FU's quarterback, John Skelton, graced the pages of the most recent New York Magazine, and all I have to say is: hubba HUBBA, owww owwwwww! Talk about a tall drink of water...

Maybe we'll actually venture out of the beer tent at this weekend's Homecoming to see Mr. Skelton in action on the field.

Click here to check out New York Magazine's piece.


Listing of the Day: Grand Concourse Rental at a Scamingly Low Rent

167th and Grand Concourse, 2 Bedroom - $1,175/month

This apartment seems crazy cheap for the location and size, so I wouldn't surprised if you got a reply from a Nigerian prince looking for you to wire him the security deposit as a response. But it's worth a shot I guess? Only one listing pic makes it even more suspicious, though.

The hood has got some stuff going for it. You'd be close to the Bronx Museum of the Arts in this unit, which is currently running an exhibition about the Grand Concourse's centennial. You'd also be close to Yankee Stadium (if you could ever afford tickets) and Joyce Kilmer Park. There's some shopping down near 161st and along Walton.

To be honest, this is just a pretty sensible apartment (with a shockingly low rent) that looks well maintained and is in a decent and improving hood. The transportation is pretty nice. You have the D at 167th (and the 4 at 167th to the east). The Yankee Stadium Metro North is a little far south for this apartment, but it's there if you need it all the way down on 153rd Street.



Monday, September 28, 2009

Photo of the Day

View of building at Risse Street & Van Cortlandt Avenue
at Grand Concourse
Photo by ErLu

An Englishman on E. 201st Street

We were tickled with excitement when we realized that this weekend's New York Times "Habitats" column featured a home right on our block, E. 201st Street. The piece gives us a glimpse into the $1,200/month two bedroom apartment of a transplanted Englishman, Dr. Andrew Henderson, and his family in a "Deco-ish" building on E. 201st Street and Perry Avenue.

Dr. Henderson is a leading worldwide expert on palms, and serves as curator of the Institute of Systematic Botany at the New York Botanical Garden right down the block. His wife's commute is easy as well, as she serves as a teacher at Hostos Community College.

We've always had peeping tom tendencies where real estate is concerned, and we've often wondered what the apartments looked like in this particular building. Each time we walk past the building we always say, "Damn, we'd kill for one of those balconies!" So this certainly was a lovely voyeuristic treat that the New York Times served up for us this weekend! It was great to learn about such a wonderfully talented botanist taking up longtime residence on good ol' E. 201st Street.

Click HERE to check out the full article.

The New York Times also had a terrific "Living In" this week which focused on life in the Mount Hope neighborhood of the BoogieDown. Click HERE to check it out!

*Photo: Yana Paskova for The New York Times*


Listing of the Day: Price Chop in Kingsbridge

180 Van Cortlandt Park South, #5c, 2 Bedrooms - $239,000

BoogieDowner has been semi-watching this unit for a while. We profiled it a few times when it was first listed at $265K back in May and then when it was chopped a week later down to $259K. The chopping resumed in late August and after a few whacks with the old price ax the asking price is down to $239K. One nice improvement to the hood since the last time we posted about this is the opening of the Bronx Ale House. That's a pretty solid local if you ask me.

This is a big unit (950 square feet) at the foot of one of the prettiest parks in the City. The building looks well kept - it even has one of those fancy Co-op names ("the Van Cort" - I guess brevity is their thing). This apartment is also right near Riverdale and all of its amenities.

The kitchen and bathrooms look like they've been updated and the apartment doesn't appear to need that much work. All in all, this is a pretty solid apartment for a pretty decent (and falling!) price (although you'd be crazy to pay the asking price for anything in this market). The maintenance isn't listed, so that is a kind of big X-factor. A super high maintenance could be a deal breaker; high maintenance usually means a poorly managed building and it's a monthly fee that in all honesty doesn't provide much (horribly regulated heat? a super?) and builds no equity.

The transportation is very nice with the 1 train a block or so away



Friday, September 25, 2009

Photo of the Day

Fall is here...NYBGPhoto by ErLu

Listing of the Day: Lenru Coop Across from the Oval

3398 Wayne Avenue, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath - $$150,000

This two bedroom unit has many selling features: it's located in the Lenru Cooperative (formerly owned by Montefiore Medical Center, then purchased and rehabbed by the Montefiore Preservation Corporation, and finally sold to a new co-op corp. in 1991) right across the street from the Williamsbridge Oval, it's a stone's throw away from Montefiore (in case we have any docs or nurses hunting out there), and it's CHEAP.

This is definitely one of the prettiest buildings in Norwood, and you'll be close to the amenities on both E. Gun Hill Road and Bainbridge Avenue/204th Street. The multi-leveled Oval across the street is just an overall pretty outdoor space to call your backyard, and it provides a brand-spanking new track and field, as well as tons of playgrounds and basketball courts.

For all that loveliness you'll found outside, you better be prepared to look past all the owner's crap inside the unit. From the pictures it appears that this place certainly doesn't show well, so you'll have to use your imagination. Hopefully there are hardwoods under those ratty maroon carpets so you can save a few bucks and work on upgrading the dated kitchen. This place has been on the market for less than one month and the price has already been chopped by nearly $20,000... Something tells me this owner is willing to negotiate. Unfortunately the monthly maintenance charge is not listed.

Your best bet for commuting would be to walk about 5 minutes to the 4 train at Mosholu Parkway station, or hit the D train on 205th Street and Bainbridge Avenue.



Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photo of the Day

Valentine-Varian House/Museum of Bronx History
3266 Bainbridge AvenuePhoto by ErLu

Planet Fitness: Ellipticals and Explosives

Way back in January I had wondered in a post what the heck was going on in the parking lot of the Planet Fitness near the Riverdale Target (it's actually the Marble Hill Target, but I just called it that to piss off A Parkway Runs Through It)...

There's been major Con Ed construction all around that area, and it turns out the project in the parking lot is an extension of that... Con Ed is burrowing a tunnel back there.

I was on the elliptical rocking out to a little Pitbull (that's right, I'm pretty gangsta for a blanquita) when a hardhat came up to me and said that I'd have to move away from the window for about 5 minutes. Clearly, I took this as a sign that the gods are conspiring against my baby weight loss (I know, I know, Pearl is 1.5 years old, so it's not really baby weight anymore... I just like to eat damnit!).

Anyway, as I was stepping off the machine I politely asked the hardhat why I had to move away from the window. He looked at me and simply stated, "They're going to blow something up."

Ummm yeah. Apparently this fella hasn't heard about the recent NYC terror investigation and arrests, otherwise he surely would have phrased this a bit more tactfully.

Sure enough about 5 minutes later there was a load explosion and the air smelled like whatever they use to blow shit up. I gotta say it all made for a very entertaining workout session.

I really do love Planet Fitness. You have gorgeous views of the Harlem River while you're working out, and at only $10/month you don't feel too guilty if you choose to just stay home and watch DVRed Gossip Girl instead. You just have to put up with the occassional explosion while you're working out.


Listing of the Day: Clock Tower Rent Increase?

112 Lincoln Avenue at Bruckner Boulevard , Loft - $1475/month

So BoogieDowner has profiled this artsy old piano factory down in Mott Haven a few times in the past. The price fluctuation for a rental in this building kind of reminds me of the Bentley. It looks like the rental price has been moving all around. The last time we profiled this back in June of this year it was listed at $1350. Way back in August of '08 a loft here was listed at $1800/month, then in December of the same year we saw one floating around the interweb listed at $1375/month, then it took a brief uptick to $1475/month in March of '09, until gravity grabbed hold and brought it back down to its June 23 price of $1350/month. Now it's starting to float back up.

Maybe the listing agents and landlord read about the Fed's meeting yesterday and figured that the slow macro-level easing of the recession meant that people in Mott Haven had more money for rent? Or maybe they just realized how cool that roof deck is?

Mott Haven does have some cool stuff going on. There a small but growing art scene (who do you think is living in these lofts?). There is some great grub/imbibing around (Bruckner Bar and Grill, Alexander's, Pio Pio, Santa Clarita etc.). And you'll be living in an old piano factory...but really the building itself looks pretty cool. The transportation is nice with the 6 at 138th and 3rd Ave or the 4/5 at 138th and the Concourse.

What's really cool about this listing is that it actually gives a pic of the roof deck. Pretty serious outdoor/common space for a rental...
Are there any Clock Tower residents out there that would like let us know what life is like in an old piano factory? Is it worth the $1475?



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two Upcoming Events to Support Local Nonprofits

Row Around Manhattan to Support Rocking the Boat
On Saturday, October 3rd, eight teams of rowers will navigate 28.5 miles around Manhattan in a fleet of hand-built wooden boats to raise money for Rocking the Boat, a South Bronx boatbuilding and environmental education youth development program. Each team has pledged to raise $4,000 to support Rocking the Boat’s mission to “use boats to build kids to help them develop into empowered and responsible adults.”
This first-ever circumnavigation to raise funds for Rocking the Boat will push off at 6:00 a.m. from the Village Community Boathouse’s boathouse at Pier 40, on West Houston Street, make scenic breakfast and lunch stops at Hallet’s Cove, Long Island City and Swindler’s Cove in Washington Heights, and return to Pier 40 by 3:30 p.m. for an appreciation and awards barbecue.
Click here to learn more about this fabulous program and how you can help! You can register to row yourself, sponsor a rower, or make a general donation.

Bronx Museum of the Arts Benefit Concert
A one of a kind concert to benefit the Bronx Museum of the Arts... Wise Latina Woman composed by Arturo O'Farrill, featuring the world premiere performance by the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra. The benefit concert will be honoring Bronx-born Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Here are the details: Thursday, November 5, 2009, 6:00pm Dinner, 8:00pm Concert, Peter Norton Symphony Space, Peter Jay Sharp Theater, 2537 Broadway at 95th Street, New York, NY. Champagne and dessert to follow the performance.
Patron tickets, which include dinner, performance, and dessert, are $350. Friend tickets, which include only the performance and dessert, are $150.
For further information or to purchase tickets, please contact us at (718) 681-6000, ext. 174 or

Photo of the Day

Bedford Park Congregational Church
E. 201st Street at Bainbridge AvenuePhoto by ErLu

David Byrne Should Move to the Bronx

We read in a recent New York Magazine piece by Hugo Lindgren that David Byrne (lead singer of the Talking Heads, as well as all-around musical genius and renaissance man) may be thinking of moving to Brooklyn. The exact quote is as follows: "Prices have come down to the point where I could afford something nice," he says, "maybe with a little backyard."

Dear David:

That's a terrible idea! You should move to the Bronx. We'd love to have you here. We know you love to bike, and we have that covered with tons of Greenway spaces, as well as trails at Pelham Bay Park and Van Cortlandt Park. We also know that you are a lover of Latin music... In fact, Mr. Lindgren aptly describes you as "one of the finest gringo practitioners of Latin music." We've got plenty of Latin music here in the BoogieDown! Not sure how much true Latin flava you can still find in Brooklyn - me thinks you'll be inundated with Grizzly Bear and such.

Anyway, just wanted to point out that you'd be able to get your coveted backyard, along with oh so much more, for a steal here in the BoogieDown.

With love & affection,
The BoogieDowner

PS: I'd just like to point out that it's extraordinarily absurd that Brooklyn real estate prices ever got so high that an artist as successful as David Byrne wouldn't be comfortable buying something there.

*Illustration by Riccardo Vecchio courtesy of*


Listing of the Day: Little Italy Obscured

474 East 187th Street, 2 Family House - $439,000

There's not much to tell you about the house itself. The only listing picture is like a real estate Lady Gaga - you can never quite get a good look at her face because it's always obscured by some outlandish accessory. Well this huge tree is to the listing as a ridiculous facial accessory is to Lady Gaga. We're kind of sure there's something decent underneath, but can't be certain. That's why we keep looking.

In any case, the unit is in a pretty fun hood (even if it is a bit further east from Arthur Avenue than I'd like). You'd still be in the whole Little Italy scene.

Here's the old BoogieDowner Belmont bit (Now with Umberto's Clam House hatred!):

Belmont is an ideal hood for the foodie in all of us. There are butchers, cheese shops, fish mongers, bakeries, and fresh pasta shops up and down 187th and Arthur Avenue.

This hood is very close to the Bronx Zoo and the NY Botanical Garden for fun. Fordham University is also a neighborhood presence with tons of cultural things to offer, and lectures, and lots of goofy white kids in the neighborhood. Another added bonus from Fordham University, on top of stability, beauty and the top notch education it brings to the hood, is A-10 division one hoops.

BD Restaurant rundown: My favorite 187th restaurant is Tra Di Noi, but to be honest if you lived here you would be REQUIRED to go to Emilia's on Arthur Ave. - simply the best! And try to get a table at Mayor Bloomberg's beloved Roberto's on Crescent Ave. - very good, but in my opinion, a tad overrated. Also, for BBQ-heads, MoGridder's just opened up a few months ago in Roberto's old location (although ErLu has yet to partake). For brick oven pizza everyone raves about Zero Otto Novo, because it is owned by Roberto of the aforementioned Bloomy favorite, but ErLu prefers Antonio's, which is tucked away on Crescent Avenue. There is a whole host of other restaurants to stop at, but we can't give a review of each...take a trip up here and start eating your way through the hood. Whatever you do, DO NOT waste your money on Umberto's Clam House.

For those who like to cook at home there's the indoor retail market, Borgatti's for ravioli, the Pasta Factory for stuffed shells and tortellini, Casa Della Mozzarella for, you guessed it, mozzarella, and Calandra's for general cheese purchases (although their Mozzarella has been reported to be sub par recently). There are also nice wine stores and great delis like Mike's in the retail market - don't mind the laminated photo of Mussolini hanging in the back - and Tino's.

Ditch some grub impoverished and expensive-ish hood like Bushwick and make an investment in Belmont.

The BX12 bus runs down Fordham Rd. to the B/D at Grand Concourse and further to the 4 at Jerome Ave. There is also a Metro-North station at the Fordham stop at Fordham Rd. and Webster Ave. that can get you in to Grand Central in 18 minutes.


*image of LadyGaga courtesy of*

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Photo of the Day

The Bars of 204th Street...
some dead, some merely on life support.

McMahon's: Life support

McDwyer's: Life support... but oh the good times we used to have here as young FU undergrads who didn't know any better.

The Sandbox: Dead, thankfully. Sketchy, sketch, sketch.

R.I.P. DOD's. Even though it's been reborn as a dentist's office,
doesn't it still kinda look like a bar?

Bronx Princess Airs on PBS Tonight

A little reminder from the director of the documentary Bronx Princess:
I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow, Tuesday 9/22, the film
BRONX PRINCESS will broadcast on PBS POV at 10pm (Channel 13).

Not sure if you wanted to remind your readers, but there will be a
host of extra content on the PBS web site, and the film will be
streaming online for one month starting on Wednesday.

This is the best site for broadcast updates:

Also, our web site:


Round'em Up

Clearly I haven't done a Round Up in a hot one... Pearl just doesn't allow me the time in the morning. Damn kid! Anyway, here are few link-a-roos that I just couldn't let go to waste:

Crime is down, and property values are up in Melrose... and there seem to be yellow cabs galore! [Welcome to Melrose]

The long awaited second installation of Bronx Borough Historian Professer Lloyd Ultan's sitdown with Bronx Bohemian has been posted [Bronx Bohemian]

Riverdale's exclusivity finally pays off: Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi sees deal to rent two mansions there fall apart [WNBC]


Claremont Resident Fighting New Trees on Block Due to Allergies

Daily News has a piece today describing a Claremont woman's fight against the City's Million Trees program. She claims she really doesn't need any more trees outside of her home because she suffers from allergies and is sick of residents letting their dogs poop on said trees.

Am I the crazy one here to believe that it is ludicrous to fight the City on planting FREE TREES to improve your neighborhood? Two trees outside your home just are not going to have a significant impact on the allergies of one individual.



Listing of the Day: Carrion's Former Digs Get the Old Rental Price Chop

620 City Island Avenue, 6 Bedrooms - $4,000/month

It looks like former Beep, Adolfo Carrion, is still trying to rent out his old digs on City Island. BoogieDowner had profiled this unit back in July when it was listed at $4,200/month (a chop from an original $4,600).

Well, now this puppy has been reduced down to $4,000...

Addie's off in Washington (although no one is really quite sure what he's doing), and he is still trying to rent his opulent City Island pad.

The craigslist ad BoogieDowner stumbled upon doesn't explicitly mention that it is Carrion's house, but there's only one "Former French B&B" on City Island and only one ex-Beep who used to reside in the aforementioned former French B&B.

From BoogieDowner's past jaunts on City Island Avenue, we can certainly affirm the house's party potential.

This is a little out of most BoogieDowner readers' budgets, but I heard it has a pretty sick catwalk...*wink*wink*



Monday, September 21, 2009

Protest the Planned Closure of the Botanical Post Office This Wednesday! (UPDATED)

A public hearing to protest the possible closure of the Botanical Post Office on Webster Avenue is scheduled for this Wednesday, September 23rd from 1 to 4pm at Fordham University's O'Hare Hall. Just use the campus' main gate on Southern Blvd. opposite the Botanical Garden's main entrance.

Please come out to voice your concerns to the USPS if your schedule permits! Me thinks a public hearing somewhere closer to the 6pm hour would accommodate more folks, but oh well...

Update: If you would like to submit a written statement. or to suggest someone to testify at the hearing, please contact Ann Fisher, Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations, at 202-789-6803 or


Listing of the Day: Woodlawn Co-op

4265 Webster Avenue, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Bedrooms - $285,000

This is a really big apartment at 1200 square feet. The fact that it has a second bathroom is a huge selling point; it appears that the second bathroom is actually connected to the master suite. The pics also show a very nicely renovated kitchen. Who doesn't like an over-range hood, granite, stainless steel, and nice tile work for the back splash? The hardwoods look like they're in nice shape, and how can you not be digging the artistic portrait of the president hanging in the living room?

The price might be a little higher than this market can bear for a two bedroom up here, but the thing is pretty damn nice. It could be the case that this is a very eager seller listing his/her unit right after Labor Day to try to test the normal post-summer seasonal uptick. This is a very new listing, so I'll keep an eye on this for you and stalk any price movements.

Woodawn for the uninitiated:

Woodlawn is a very unique neighborhood in the Bronx. It is an Irish enclave that has enough bars and pubs to make even Galway jealous. Our favorites are Rory Dolan's (technically in Yonkers) on McLean Avenue and the Rambling House on Katonah Ave (funny story about the Rambling House and my daughter's baptism, but that's one to be told over a pint). The shepherd's pie and other Irish specialties are can't misses. The people in Woodlawn are super-friendly (hey, a lot of them are happy drunks, I guess). Obviously St. Patty's Day is not to missed up here.

You'd have some shopping up and down Katonah and McLean Avenues.

From this side of the hood you'd be able to access easily the Woodlawn Metro-North stop for a quick commute to Manhattan. Otherwise, it's a bus to the 4 train on the other side of the cemetery.



Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Prediction

So here is something that has nothing to do with the Bronx, but it is pretty interesting the first two or three times you do it.

Obviously there is a trick to this. If you want to see "the Prediction" explained and learn how to do it yourself click HERE


Friday, September 18, 2009

Photo of the Day

Light House?
Taken from southern most tip of City Island
Photo by ErLu

Hats Off to BNN

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that the folks over at Bronx News Network are pretty happy the weekend is finally here.... maybe now they can finally get some shut-eye after a grueling week of Bronx primary coverage.

Click here to check out all their play-by-play coverage of Primary Day, including the debates they hosted leading up to the elections, as well as the subsequent reactions from both the victors and the defeated.

As we were following the coverage, all I could keep thinking as each new post was uploaded was, "How in the world are they doing all this?"

So, on behalf of all concerned Bronx constituents, we're sending up a great big THANK YOU to Bronx News Network...


The Aberration Tracking Society Will Be in the Bronx This Weekend UPDATED

Aberration Tracking from Sara Kinney on Vimeo.

Yes, you should be confused by the title of this post. I certainly wished I hadn't opened the tip about the Aberration Tracking Society before I had my morning coffee... but here goes the explanation:
Late summer aberration activity forecasts another sidewalk aberration appearance this Saturday, September 19th. The Aberration Tracking Society will be onsite in the Bronx (Corner of Joyce Kilmer Park at E. 161st Street and Grand Concourse) from 2-4pm to investigate and discuss theories with the public.
The Aberration Tracking Society, formed in 2009 by a team of amateur researchers, has followed several infrastructure aberrations occurring throughout New York City this summer. It is believed that these aberrations are related to the shifting economic climate and its subsequent effects upon the outlook of the mass population. Kathryne Hall, founder of the Society, says the phenomenon is very likely to intensify in proportion to the public reaction towards an increasingly unclear future. "It would seem that as previous held concepts of social stability buckle in times of stress, so do foundations of the physical world," she explains.
The basic message: our collective emotional state as a city can affect the structure of urban architecture.

So is this performance art or what? The answer to that question, as stated on ATS' website, is as follows: "We're often presented with this theory, but frankly, it just doesn't seem credible."

Go check out the anticipated aberration for yourself tomorrow, 9/19, from 12 to 2pm (not 2 to 4pm as originally posted) at Joyce Kilmer Park at E. 161st Street and the Concourse.

BD tip for maximum enjoyment of aberration appearance: you may want to take a nice, long hit off the ol' bong before heading out. Just a thought...

Big ups to Jon L. for sending this our way!


"Hippest Journey in Town" Takes Place Right Here in the BoogieDown

THE PROVENANCE OF BEAUTY. from Sunder Ganglani on Vimeo.

New York Post's Frank Scheck had nothing but good things to say in his review of The Foundry Theatre's Provenance of Beauty Theatrical Bus Tour of the South Bronx. He goes even goes so far as to call it the "hippest journey in town." The New York Times has a similarly glowing review today as well.

We've posted about this tour before, but just wanted to alert our readers to it once again since the weekend is now gloriously upon us. The bus tours set off on Saturdays and Sundays at a cost of $35. The only downside to Provenance? Bronxites who are interested in checking it out must head down to Spanish Harlem to catch the bus... it leaves from & returns to 136 E. 121st St. btw. Lexington & 3rd Avenues.

Click here to check out the website and purchase tickets.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Photo of the Day

E. 201st Street at Briggs Avenue
Photo by ErLu

Listing of the Day: Northern Tip of the Concourse

3201 Grand Concourse #5B, 1 Bedroom - $169,000

This apartment is located just near the Grand Concourse's northern terminus where it intersects with the Mosholu Parkway. The unit itself looks renovated and turn-key move in ready. The listing agent must be pretty proud of the reno and the upgrades, because there are pictures with the listing that are just of some of the stainless steel appliances. It's also a sponsor unit, so you'll be spared jumping through as many hoops in the application/closing process.

The hood is Bedford Park and it does have some pretty cool stuff to offer. You'd be near the Mosholu Parkway, which serves as a long green park (with a road) that connects Bronx Park to Van Cortlandt Park. You'd be near the Bronx Greenway and great biking. The Botanical Garden is pretty damned cool as well, and until October there is a twice weekly farmer's market at the Garden. There is also a farmer's market closer to this unit at Jerome and Mosholu Parkway on Wednesdays.

There is some shopping on 204th on this side of Mosholu Parkway. It's like a little Korea town, with a C-town for general grocery shopping, a Korean BBQ place with a Korean grocery store connected. There's also a bagel/coffee shop there as well. If you cross the Mosholu Parkway there's a bit more on 204th Street/Bainbridge Avenue and lots of stuff on Jerome Avenue. If you want really fresh and quality products like bread, cheeses, meat, fish, pasta, or produce, I'd take the 20-30 minute walk to Arthur Avenue or ride my bike over.

Fordham University and Lehman College always provide cultural offerings to the hood like lectures, talks, plays, and musical performances. Fordham provides pretty decent college sports to the nabe.

The hood is saturated in transportation with the B/D at Bedford Park Boulevard and the Concourse, and the 4 train at Mosholu Parkway and Jerome Avenue.

Further Reading for the Studious Types:

New York Times "Living In - Bedford Park"
The Real Deal "Bronx's Bedford Park Hidden in Plain View"
AMNY "Bedford Park, Bronx"



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photo of the Day

Looking North on Grand Concourse at E. 201st StreetPhoto by ErLu

Listing of the Day: Parkchester Rental

2037A Westchester Avenue, 3 Bedrooms - $1400/month

This unit is in new construction that I guess is technically a block or so out of Parkchester proper (meaning it is not part of the complex surrounding the oval), but the price is right and the proximity to Parkchester's amenities is pretty attractive.

If you were to chop this up and have roomies, your rent would only be $467/month. If you need the space as a young or growing family, but haven't saved up a down payment to buy, this might a decent, affordable, spacious option.

Here's the Parkchester spiel:

Parkchester is often called a city within a city, and this is an apartment within (kind of, really on the outskirts of) that city within a city - got that straight? Well, in any case, what was once a hidden secret is starting to be discovered and gobbled up.

Parkchester has tons shopping, chief of which are its own Macy's and a Starbucks. There is also a decent amount of public space to hang at, including the ovals of the complex proper and a few fountains. And who doesn't like fountains? Should we also mention that Parkchester is going to have Verizon FiOs soon too? Well, it will.

Parkchester was built under the same idea as Stuy-Town and Peter Cooper Village in Manhattan, and has the same self-sufficient aura. Parkchester is a safe and family friendly hood with decent transportation via the 6 train and bus service. So if you're looking to own an apartment and have enough money to go out, or just need a place you with enough space that you can actually afford with or without roommates or a large inheritance or parental subsidy, check out this apartment and nabe.

Parkchester Community Website



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Boys from Mosholu Parkway

The Bronx is getting a little recognition in a New York Times City Room article about Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein's roots. Both designers grew up within a few blocks of one another in the Mosholu Parkway area.

Here's an interesting little snippet:
In an online review, Bernadine Morris, the former fashion writer for The New York Times, recalled how as a new reporter at The Times who had gone to Hunter College’s uptown campus — now Lehman College — in the Bronx, she suggested an article about a remarkable coincidence involving rising fashion stars who both grew up in the northern Bronx. The two designers were both rejecting snobbish and elaborate French designs for clean cut lines.

The editors weren’t interested, but she still remembered the headline she suggested: “The Boys from Mosholu Parkway.” [New York Times]

Click here to read the article.


Photo of the Day

Say NO to Stealth Shelters!
Over 300 local residents ― from the Westchester Square-Zerega community and across the borough ― joined Council Member James Vacca, Assemblyman Michael Benedetto, Senator Jeff Klein, and leaders of the Westchester Square/Zerega Improvement Organization this past Saturday (9/12) to call on Mayor Michael Bloomberg to close a 38-unit homeless shelter at 1564 St. Peter's Avenue that opened with no public notice, no public hearing, and no analysis of the more than 20 social service programs already housed in the community.Photos by Elizabeth Roche

End-of- Summer Concert at Pelham Bay Park Rescheduled for Thursday

Please note, the End-of-Summer Concert which was originally scheduled for 8/28 will be taking place this Thursday, 9/17.

Council Member James Vacca, the Bronx Council on the Arts, and the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation will host an End-of-Summer Concert on Thursday, 9/17, at the main lawn of Pelham Bay Park (Middletown Road and Stadium Avenue entrance).

The concert, which kicks off at 6 p.m., will feature the acclaimed, high-energy dance/party band Just Nuts, performing hits from the’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, as well as patriotic standards. Remember to bring beach chairs and blankets. For more information, call Phil Cardone of the Bronx Council on the Arts at (718) 931-9500, ext. 35.


Seeking Advice on Baby Bike Seats

After dusting the cobwebs off of Little BoogieDowner, I've just done a post looking for a bit of advice from Bronx parents regarding baby bike seats. Specifically, I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on front-mounted seats vs. back-mounted seats.

Click here to check out the post if you're a cyclist and have something to say.



Primary Day

Just a pesky reminder to get out there and vote in the Primary Election today.

Most polling sites open at 6am and close at 9pm. So even though it means you might have to miss some of "The Biggest Loser," there's definitely time to cast your vote after work tonight. To learn where your closest polling station is, please visit the Poll Site Locator of the NYC Board of Elections website.

If you're looking to do some last minute homework on the candidates, Bronx News Network has you covered with their fabulous "Final Primary Thoughts" post.


Listing of the Day: Pelham Gardens (?) Attached House... with fire pit!

2502 Morgan Avenue, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom - $425,000

This four bedroom attached house is advertised as being in the Pelham Gardens section of the Boogiedown. But Pelham Gardens is one of those hoods that realtors cling to and stretch the boundaries of because it's pretty damn nice. I'm not entirely sure if Morgan Avenue at Mace Avenue is a bit too far north to be part of Pelham Gardens (maybe Allerton would be more appropriate?), but the street view shows a nice, tidy block with what appear to be cute single family homes.

This baby clocks in at 1,620 square feet, which is pretty damn large by City standards. The current list price of $425,000 reflects a recent price chop of $50,000. The pictures show a lovingly maintained home complete with a newly renovated kitchen, and even a tiled back patio area with a fire pit!

You'd be close to all the amenities available on Allerton Avenue, as well as Pelham Parkway. And clearly we must mention that you'd also be pretty close the yuletide spectacle of the Garabedian House located on Westervelt and Pelham Parkway.

Your easiest commuting option would be to hoof it a few blocks to the BxM10 Express Bus at Eastchester Road.



Monday, September 14, 2009

Photo of the Day

Pretty House on Bedford Park Blvd. at Valentine AvenuePhoto by ErLu

Melrose Now Repped in Bronx Blogosphere

We've been lucky enough to have a wise man named Eddie, who is a lifelong resident of Melrose, as a dedicated reader of the ol' BD. Actually, he just recently submitted a tip about the opening of PeaceLove Cafe in his hood.

We are happy to report that Eddie has started his own blog dedicated to all things Melrose, aptly named: Welcome to Melrose. Awesome! We look forward to following it closely to find out about all the good things happening in and around that area.

Congrats, Eddie! By the way, thanks for the shout out to BD in your inaugural post... We're totally blushing!


Scrumptious End to NYBG's Edible Garden Programming

This shot of Lidia Bastianich (right) was taken through a tree from pretty far away
because I didn't want to wait on line for the book signing... Creepy, huh?

As we told you on Friday, the New York Botanical Garden held their Finale Festival to close out the Edible Gardening programming that's been running all summer long. We were able to stop by yesterday (Sunday) to check it out. We got there a little later than we wanted due to Pearl pulling a surprisingly long nap on us (she has an uncanny ability to detect when we have plans and then snoozes like she's been drinking for 8 hours straight), so unfortunately we missed Lidia Bastianich's cooking demo. We did get to see her from a distance as she was doing her book signing (picture above), but we couldn't get too close because girlfriend had a lot of NYBG security protecting her!

Beer, wine, and food tastings were set up along the Conservatory

So onto the complimentary tastings we went... there was a booth set up with wine samples from the Finger Lakes region in New York, as well as two Manhattan Beer Distributor tents offering samples of Palm Ale, Mother's Milk, Ithaca Apricot Wheat, Southampton Double White, and Blue Moon. There were also a few different food options, including nuts, granola, plantain chips, and whole wheat dumplings. Apparently there was also goat cheese ice cream, but it must have been gone by the time we arrived. Clearly most of my time was spend loitering near the wine and beer tents trying to think of intelligent observations to share about the samples to mask the fact that I really just wanted to get some more free hootch.

Food Network's Daisy Martinez about to present her cooking demo

After that we caught a cooking demo presented by Food Network's Daisy Martinez. I've gotta say, Daisy was the least impressive part of the day. She was a little too focused on delivering one liners to really provide any meaningful explanations about the dish she was working on (arroz con pollo... yawn). She even messed up and referred to NYBG as the Brooklyn Botanical Garden... come on now, Daisy!

Clearly we are not frequently awarded press passes because we blatantly misuse them...

All in all I'd have to say this was one of the best events we've ever attended at NYBG. It was extremely well run and the programming was spread out so that even latecomers still had a chance to enjoy themselves. Bravo NYBG! Now we sit tight and look forward to Kiku autumn events, which begin October 17th.