Saturday, August 30, 2008

New York Times Tries to Tighten the Definition of Journalism

Same newspaper, same neighborhood about one week apart - very different impressions. The Times' "Living In" article this week shines a light on the real Norwood. As you know from our rather indignant (and lengthy) post about the art school and cereal box poetry article by Andy Newman about the ends of subway lines in NYC, we were a tad miffed at how Norwood was portrayed by both Mr. Newman's writing and Richard Perry's photo slide show. We know Norwood isn't perfect, but it is also not a post-apocalyptic netherworld.

Here are the slide shows associated with each article. Check for yourself. How could two fotogs come up with images and angles so different (except for the lass riding from the bowels of hell into Williamsbridge Oval).

'Living In Norwood' Slide Show [G. Paul Burnett]

"End of the D Line" - Norwood Slide Show [Richard Perry]

BoogieDowner thanks the NY Times for righting this wrong and for printing a balanced story about Norwood. Thank you.

Living In Norwood [C.J. Hughes, NY Times]

And you've gotta love the subtitle of the "Living In" piece: Where the Spirit of Renewal Rises Again.


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Anonymous said...

I was so glad the Times ran this piece. My in-laws in CT who take the NYT as the Received Word of God will feel better about us living here. And our favorite 24-hour produce mart made the photo!