Thursday, August 28, 2008

$400/year = Serenity

The New York Times' Joyce Walder's article, "Backyard Bargain in the Bronx," profiled a South Bronx homeowner who has basically grown a mini-New York Botanical Garden in his backyard.

Sam Oglesby, who "was well ahead of the recent wave of transplanted Manhattan professionals when he bought this property 10 years ago" [NY Times], owns an 1987 three story brick townhouse with a 20x40 foot lot that he has transformed into a literal urban oasis. His original start-up cost to create the space was a little over $3,000, and it takes only $400 per year to maintain.

Mr. Oglesby, who is 69 and moved to the Bronx 10 years ago shortly after retiring, paid a mere $113,000 for that beauty of a house you see pictured. Talk about a smart cookie. Hmmmm, maybe the Bronx is not only the new Williamsburg, but possibly the next Boca Raton, FL as well?
*Photos courtesy of Andrew Henderson/New York Times*



Anonymous said...

What is the street this gem located at? Looks like it could be a nice block. But maybe not. LOL.

Boogiedowner said...

Sorry, the Times did not go into detail about his exact location. But if you read the actual Times article, I think if a gay gardener can lead a seemingly peaceful life in the South Bronx, that's saying something about the hood.