Monday, August 25, 2008

New Metro- North Stop(s)?

Ground has been broken for the new Metro-North Station at Yankee Stadium, with an expected completion date of second quarter 2009. In addition, the MTA is reviewing plans for 3 new Metro-North Stations for Co-op City, Parkchester, and Hunts Point.

All 3 communities are currently seeing monumental growth and a resurgence. Hunts Point is particularly ripe for a station as the population is growing, as is subway and bus ridership in the area, including Longwood.

In addition to making the Eastern Bronx more easily accessible (and therefore more attractive), these new stops on the Metro-North would open up job opportunities in Westchester and other counties to the north to residents of the South Bronx. There is also vacant land, including industrial sites, available for development that could be used to cater to the newcomers and riders of these future stops.

NY State's Press Release About New Yankee Stadium Stop

NY Daily News Article

~Jay O.

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