Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scientific Evidence that SoBro is the Hotness

As further evidence that the South Bronx is the hippest thing to hit NYC since the "stay-cation" and the hideous rubber "Crocs" sandal/shoe hybrid, Osiris, the maker of the Bronx sneaker, has now come out with a South Bronx version, which features bolder colors and slightly lowered high-top for men and women. The sneaker is a top seller among skaters, however it is now a top seller among the trend-setters for the fall season, and we can see why!

Here's a quote from a local Osiris South Bronx sneaker aficionado: "When you're in da greatest city in da world, you gotta rock da blocks wearin' da Osiris South Bronx Skate Shoe. Why, you ask? Cuz one, dese hi-tops keep your ankles covered and your fashion fresh, while the comfortable cupsole grabs your deck like a mugger grabbin' your wallet. And two, if Uncle Vinny sees you wearin' anything else, he'll send Rodrigo over to bust your freakin' knee caps!"
We couldn't agree more.
*High fashion photo of business man wearing Crocs to work courtesy of*
~Jay O. + ErLu

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Guywithacause said...

Love this article dude...South Bronx Shoes!!!! I am getting a pair!