Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Bronx is Building

Boogiedowner already knows this and has covered a handful of the great developments and improvements coming to the Bronx (New Luxe Condos, New Bruckner Blvd Condo, Gateway Center, Plaza of the Hub, Melrose Reborn, SoBro Condo). It's nice to see that Mayor Bloomberg (and the rest of the world) start to acknowledge that Howard Cossell spoke his fateful words over 30 years ago. Things have changed Howie!

With all the new developments happening throughout the borough, the Bronx is now known as the borough of the future. In the South Bronx alone, 8,000 units of mixed income housing, 800,000 square feet of retail, and green space will surround Melrose, The Grand Concourse, and the Bronx Civic Center for starters, a 3 billion dollar development initiative.

The whole city, and particularly the outer boroughs, have seen a tremendous amount of growth over the last decade or two. Places people wouldn't dream of living (junkies clogging the streets of Park Slope in the 80s anyone?), are now big money nabes with wildly inflated real estate prices. So, does real estate history repeat itself?

Mayor Bloomberg said the South Bronx initiative was a way to extend this city-wide growth, calling it "a winning formula" that has already been successful in places such as Long Island City and Greenpoint-Williamsburg [NY Sun].

Here is a great article from the NY Sun boasting about and profiling the Bronx's gentrifying wave and building blitz.

Howard Cosell , dead for 13 years, made infamous statement about the Bronx before I was born.
~ErLu + Jay O.

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