Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gateway Center Set to Bring Convenient Shopping to South Bronx

From the same developers who brought the shopping complex to life at Marble Hill (with my beloved Target) comes the Gateway Center.

Situated on the banks of the Harlem River and riding the coattails of the new Yankee Stadium, Gateway center takes the place of the long neglected Bronx Terminal Market.

Not only will this project bring jobs and an economic boost to the Bronx, but it will add a sense of normalcy to an area that has sometimes felt forgotten or hidden away. The major retailers such as Target, Toys 'R Us and Best Buy realize that the Bronx is an untapped market for customers.

Area of the new Gateway (for anybody who doesn't know where Yankee Stadium is- gasp!). map from

I just hope that this development takes some of the strain away from Marble Hill, which can be horribley crowded on even a weekday afternoon! Although you can bet the new Gateway Center will be very crowded with Bronx residents and all those uptown transplants living across the river in Harlem jonesing for the Boogiedown's amenities.
Video About Gateway Center [BX12 Tv]

~ErLu + Jay O.


Anonymous said...

We need SUPERMARKETS, not Sports Authorities and Targets.

This was an opportunity for Whole Foods to get into the real "urban" market.
Hell, the food could be walked over from the Hunts Point Market

Anonymous said...

They need to have a walmart there think about all the money it will make