Sunday, August 31, 2008

Culinary Delight in SoBro!

We all know that Mott Haven in the South Bronx is aggressively nippin' at the heels of a certain neighborhood in Brooklyn, trying hard to displace that burg's rep as THE hot spot if you are looking for Hipster Heaven. It's not there yet, but it sure is gaining steam. Back in the nineties, I called Billburg home and when I visit Mott Haven, I feel like I am stepping back in time. EXACTLY the same feeling that I got back then. There is still enough raw urban grit, a rough-around-the edges vibe and a certain uneasy desolation that will give newbies a feeling of being a hip pioneer ahead of his or her time. Searching for some street cred, Manhattanites? I suggest you put Mott Haven on your short list! (Although to be honest, the real pioneers have been here for a good decade, but shhh....we won't tell!)

But I digress...This post is to clue BoogieDowners in on a little secret. Alexander's Cafe (on Alexander Avenue at Bruckner Blvd.) offers amazingly fresh, top quality and unprocessed food, a great atmosphere (think cool and modern, yet cozy) and two owners who provide truly refreshing service (with genuine smiles to boot!) A few years ago, Mateo David and Chris Dimitriyadi, former business executives, felt the calling many (if not most) of us have at some stage in our lives - to quit the nine-to-five routine and start a business of their own. It becomes very clear after just a few moments of being in their place that they have poured their collective heart and soul into their project of choice. I had the feeling that I was a guest in their home, with Chris cooking my delicious Salmon Eggs Benedict in the back and Matteo engaging customers in casual and comforting conversation. There were four or five tables of patrons when I was there and after a while we were all talking to one another about various topics (mostly about how hot, hot, HOT the area is getting!!)

I urge all of you to check out their menu on their website and then pay these guys a visit. Beer lovers - they have a collection of over 100 labels. And croissant aficionados - they make their own daily and I promise you, they'll melt in your mouth and will have you swearing off the ones you usually get. You know, like....everywhere else!

And lest you think a BoogieDowner review is not enough to get you down to Sobro and Alexander's, check out this write up on Chris and Mateo in London's Financial Times (yes you read that right!) - The Bonfire of an Urban Myth.

Getting There: Alexander's is located just a short walk from the 138th stop on the #6 subway or check out their website for driving directions.

~Simone Davis

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