Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do pets count as registered voters nowadays?

In another shocking display of political arrogance reported by the NY Daily News, Nelson Castro, a Bronx Democrat gunning to replace Assemblyman Luis Diaz, was found to have nine registered voters listed in his one bedroom apartment. Wait, it gets better... His campaign coordinator, Steve Santana(who actually ignored a subpoena to tesatify), had a staggering 15 residents registered as voters associated with his motel, ahem, apartment.

Not sure how or why Bronx Supreme Court Justice Robert Seewald decided to dismiss this case, but alas - he did. Castro is still on the ballot.

I certainly hope that Justice Seewald discovered that an honest mistake was made resulting in dogs, cats, parakeets, and mice being counted as actual flesh and blood voters, because it just kills me thinking that our meek and pious Bronx public servants are so hard up that they must resort to renting their apartments out by the hour to random passersby with valid voter registration cards in order to pay their rent and/or mortgages.

But seriously, between this latest political scheme and the Pedro Espada Jr. residency antics we posted about earlier today, I'm feeling a little peeved that politicians seem to think Bronx residents are really that complacent that they don't mind being taken advantage of and lied to regarding the lives of those whom they will elect to represent our borough. Is anyone else appalled by the less than impressive stature of Bronx politicos?

A big hat's off to the NY Daily News' Bob Kappstatter who continues to stay on top of these important issues.

Photo courtesy of Noonan for NY Daily News.


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