Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mayberry in the Bronx

The New York Times' Tina Kelley's article, "A Rare Lush Landscape in the Bronx is Also a Place to Belong," tells the story of the impressive 37 year old Tremont Community Garden. Described as a "communal living room," the 17,500 square foot garden serves as a true oasis for gardeners, children, and Bronx residents just looking for some good conversation.

Before its birth as a community garden, the lot was once an abandoned apartment building and then a vacant lot used by junkies. Completely transformed into a true urban oasis, the garden sometimes hosts picnics, birthday parties, and memorial services, and even has a spot for kids to toast marshmallows, as well as a solar-powered fountain.

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade... the Tremont Community Garden is just one more inspiring reminder that our Bronx nabes are only as good as the love and care we as residents show to our neighborhoods and fellow neighbors.

*Photo courtesy of Suzanne DeChillo/New York Times*


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