Friday, August 15, 2008

Lourdes of America in the Bronx

In a Bronx Grotto, Seeking the Virgin Mary’s Help [NY Times]

The above link is a quirky story about a little grotto at St. Lucy's Parish in Williamsbridge in the Bronx.

Located at the cross-section of Boston Rd and Mace Ave, this grotto is one of two places to claim the title "Lourdes of America" (the other is in New Mexico). It seems people flock to St. Lucy's for cures or solace or the comfort of traditional Marian devotion. In any case, it seems that this little place in the middle of Williamsbridge has some major spiritual charisma.
Aside: Forgotten NY calls this intersection (Boston/Mace) "Allerton." Anyone want to weigh in on the boundaries of Williamsbridge?

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